Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Little Child Of Mine

Parenting, I've heard that it wasn't easy, but thought my kid would be different then reality check!

Toddler (soon-to-be known as preschooler or something) had been making me pray for God to give me the wisdom to raise that child. For example, I tell him 50 times over NOT to throw his blanket and pillow when he is in time-out or upset, but to no avail. Having him sit in timeout longer doesn't seem to help. You can look at it as no big deal that he throws is blanket and pillow to the ground, but in reality it is a big deal because he does it with the worst of attitudes.

I've been working with him, and working hard. Some days all I can pray is for God to help me to raise him how he needs to be raised as I feel like I have failed at times. I am seeking out advise from seasoned moms on what they do with a stubborn child. I know, most parents say their child is stubborn, but mine is! One time I remember disciplining him for breaking my purse (on purpose as he likes to break things at times) and after disciplining him he just folded his arms and gave me a huge frown like no big deal! 

In the end, he is the sweetest boy that I know. He will huge me, kiss me and tell me all day long that he loves me and others. He is a very well behaved kid in public, he just has a few rough edges at home. I guess every mom goes through her seasons with their children. I still am thankful for this season as directing a child where he should go is a privilege and I'm grateful.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Puppy Named Doggy

Every little kids wants a kitten or a puppy, well I got Toddler one (puppy) he just doesn't care that it's not real.

Every time Toddler and I've gone to the store together, he asked me for a balloon. My answer had usually been no. We didn't need a balloon in the house that only held a few hours of entertainment and many days of clutter. When we walked into Fred Meyer I was set on not getting him one, but half way through our trip I had a change of heart.

In the store there are these cute doggy balloons tied to a cardboard fence. If I was going to get a balloon that would have been the one I'd get. To my complete surprise it costs $13, for a single balloon!! I asked why it was so expensive and was happy to hear that when it deflates I can re-fill it for a few bucks, sweet. I still thought it was too much, but remembered I'd easily pay that much for a magazine. So with all my excuses run out, I got Toddler his first puppy. 

I do have to say that it was worth it. To see that little boy walking around the store with his new puppy and making all the heads turn was way too cute! Now we own a puppy named Doggy and he is sleeping in his dog house (under Toddlers table) with a pillow and blanket.

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Oh and I finally started juicing again, but this time I just do it for myself. I never eat as much fruits and veggies as I can drink in one juice. It's also so much easier to figure out what I'm having for breakfast!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

When Mommy Comes Home

It's always sad when a parent needs to leave on a business trip, but you know the return will yield rewards.

I went on one of my favorite business trips to California for a jewelry line inspired by me (details will be released in a few weeks). I was so busy during the three days that I was gone that thinking about my family for long periods of time was not an option. Despite being so busy my son would call me every time we would wake up in the morning or from his nap to see if I got him his present. It was so cute!
When I got home he was waiting for me at the airport with roses he had picked out himself (melt my heart)! I was so happy that I took the time to get him not only one present, but two. He's a happy boy now and won't leave my side today. I have so much stuff to do today, but my first priority is to give him all the love that this little boy can handle. 

Its good to be home with those that I dearly love.

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