Friday, August 31, 2018

House Sitting This Week 8/13th-19th

We did it!! We moved out of our rental. I must say that there was plenty of drama to get our deposit back and it was many days of hard work plus going back and forth, but in the end it all got done and we got our deposit back which was no small sum.

I enjoyed the rental, but honestly, I am happy to be out of that place. It wasn't mine. I added my own touch where I could, but it didn't feel like a place I could really enjoy. We were blessed with the lake nearby and the beautiful town of Piestany, but it was a lonely place to Augustin and I. We had no friends there. It also required by husband to have long hours of committing to Bratislava, which left us with very little family time. 

We have permanently moved out, but our new flat is not finished nor has our mortgage gone through like the bank said it would by now. We are in a rough place in the fact that we, yet again, remain without a home. We have been here when we sold our house before we set off on our year long airstream trip across America. We have been here before and after moving to Slovakia and here we are again. 

We have a place to stay this week as we are house sitting for pastor's while they are away for a week. They have two dogs, fish and plants that need to be taken care of. After this week we have no clue what's next. Our new flat is a dead end at this moment. I am ever so grateful for a place to stay this week. It's been a place where we go for 2 mile walks with the dog, plus a few more with our own dog. It's been a place where the city center is a tram ride away and our new flat close enough to get things done like installing the kitchen and adding wallpaper. 

The truth is, I am not very good at this adventurous 'in-between' seasons. I'm not sure how others are, but its been rough. My friend just moved from Washington to California and she almost spent a whole month in a hotel as they waited for their new home. I'm sure that was tough! I'm now "feeling" in the same spot. Through all of this, through all my emotions and feelings about our move I know that I can rest in a God who loves me and wants to best for me. I am trusting that He is working out all the details that will benefit us in the end. I don't see the things He does. I am out of my comfort zone, but it doesn't say in the bible that He will keep us in our comfort zones. It actually says the opposite because we all know that's where the 'growing' happens.

A good example of God taking care of us is the week long opportunity to housesit. It's been a blessing  for sure!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Noir Tuesday

I did a Noir Tuesday post a few months ago and thought I'd do it this Tuesday. unfortunately this Tuesday has not been as eventful as that one, but its life and I still blog the 'life'.

 There are only a few things to note from today:

1. My sweet momma went out in the morning and picked me some roses from our yard while her kettle of tea was boiling. So sweet! 

2. I stated tackling Augustin monster mess of a room. It's been on my hate list for while, but today I did it. I still have so much more to do. He cried because I threw away a lego box that he had two of. Imagine how he's handling throwing away toys we do not need.

Tomorrow it's more cleaning and boxing.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer Storms

We had one yesterday and we are having one now. They make the puddle in front of our rental a forever puddle that hasn't dried for 10 months plus some. It may ruins the days outing plans, but it makes the air fresh and clean.

We also been having a continuation of summer storms with our move. Every day it's something new. Yesterday something came up and today has been the same story. Turns out the workers installing our floors didn't show up and haven't for the past four days after a two week vacations. Our kitchen needs to be put in on Saturday and Sunday, but can't go in without that floor first.

So yeah, them storms are an interesting thing.

The important part is that storms pass no matter how intense they get. The weather changes, with it the seasons. I have to remember this because there are so many moments where we feel like nothing is ever going to change. God made the earth go through a continuation of seasons and changes and that's how he designed our lives.

We had a great weekend packing up our rental. Despite the unknown we are still getting ready for what's to come, a move. After a days work we went out for ice cream as a family. It was a quick one hour trip to town, but it was a perfect time together. On Sunday we got to take some boxes and items to our garage that we finally got access to. We did get to go out with friends before stopping by the place. It was a good step in the right direction.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

It's Happening People

That's it, I am writing a blog post today whether I want to or not!

It's just been so so long since I have and I've written about 5 of them since my last post. The only problem with the 5 posts is they are all in my phone and never made it onto the blog. I love blogging and plan on doing it, but at the end of the day it's the last thing I want to do. That's why I decided today will be different.

Since I've last blogged our little family spent two weeks in Lucenec teaching English camp, we visited Budapest during those two weeks as well. Tín spent the night at his grandma's with his cousin's while my mom and I visited Bratislava. Then we all went to Budalov for the weekend and spent an extra night due to our car breaking down. Also in July we started packing and got a moving date for our new flat.

We first saw our new flat on my birthday and now 8 months later we will finally be moving in on the 10th of August. We have started packing, but slowly as most of the things we have here are needed on a daily basis. The floors should be going in starting tomorrow and this weekend we install the kitchen. I hope all goes to plan because we need to leave this rental shortly after the 10th. Moving to Bratislava feel surreal at the moment. We are so close, but yet to far away still. In the wait I did design and receive my own personal wallpaper for the entry way. The day we saw the place I had a vision for how I wanted it and it's coming together as the wallpaper is the center piece. I wish I could say that all things are going smoothly and we are ready to move in, but it wouldn't be the truth. This move has been an uphill climb from day one it seems. It also seems that way because there has been a lot of waiting. Today we got news that we just might have to do some more of that waiting. 

Let's now switch the topic to the weather. The weather has been dreaming this past week with temps finally hitting the lower 90's. I've been waiting all summer for this kind of weather and am sad that in one month it will be no more. Also, in on month my momma flies back to Seattle. I won't be seeing her until Spring. While she is here we are squeezing in all the things. It's been great!

Now that we have caught up on all the things let's talk a little about today. It's been a rainy, couldn't and humid day. I can't seem to find my place today and there is nothing in the refrigerator to eat. There's nothing to eat and I've been project hopping, that's been my day. On a lighter note, I got Tín to read books. Today he read a chapter book, 12 to be exact and he did it all in one day. He does get rewarded for reading with some screen time though. I'm working on a new system with him. So far, it's worked out as he has now read two whole books this week. So slow day, calm day and a good day. That's it folks!

One last thing... WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE AND HOW IS IT AUGUST?! Yes, I just yelled that because seriously!

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