Friday, October 9, 2020

Don't Remember | Day 8

Today was kinda blur. I remember getting up at 6am and tutoring until 11am today. At 5:50pm I went to my bible study group. Came home and edited a video as a favor for a friend. Now what happened between 11am and 5pm today I can't seem to remember. 

There are people out there who think I am on top of everything and doing so many things. Well, I'm behind on work and I can't seem to stay committed to some of the things I've promised I would do. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Bible Study | Day 7

At the beginning of Septemeber, I started a bible study with some amazing young women in my church. We are not a big group, but the four of us for now. It's been such a blessing as we study the word of God together and share in our revelations or what God has been doing in our lives. 

The guided study we have been going through is Loved : Learning to Rest by Clara Jones. I met the author this summer at a pastors retreat in the Tatras. She brought a copy of her book and I felt a nudge that I needed to get this book because God has a group of girls He wanted me to do the study with. At that point, I had no 'group of girls' God has mentioning. During summer I did get more acquainted with some of the new ladies in our church and God then showed me who He meant when he said 'group of girls'. I just love how the Holy Spirit works if you just listen and let Him move.

This week we are on Week 6 with 3 more weeks to go. To say it's been intense is an understatement. The study has taken up all of our extra time, but it has been worth it! We have a retreat planned for the end of October where we will go over our last week. The retreat is also the beginning of a new study we will be starting. In the new study, we will be going over Captivating. It will be less intense and a nice break until we get into another deep study. 

Today I was a week behind my days so it was a catch-up day for me. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Knitted Things | Day 6

I'm in love with knitting and how it offers me an alternative to getting cheap clothes. This year I've spent very little time knitting, but for good reasons. I miss it and wish I could go back to hours and hours of knitting, but that life is behind me know and I move forward to new seasons.

Today's goal was to catch up on all my blog posts including A Year To Inspire, which I did. I also need to finish 2 days of my bible study and go for a run plus make dinner. But the real goal today was to finish a pair of socks I am knitting for my friend who happens to be living with us at the moment. 

The socks will be perfect for her for this winter because she said it will be a cold one and she's the kind of person who is always cold like me. Her birthday is in 15 days, but the gift had to be done now if it was ever going to be done on time. Now I can focus on all the other tasks that pull on me including my photography work. 

Because I never leave the house nowadays here are images from my home. 

And my evening ended up very differently then I planned! As my husband and I were getting ready to go on a run I got a bit of a tummy ache. Lubos went to walk the dog to let my tummy settle before we went on the jog. By the time he came back home, I had thrown up and was in the bathroom almost in tears. For some reason, the dinner gave me food poisoning and I was the only one. Everyone else was just fine, but it hit me so hard and bad. Needless to say, there was no run that evening. Things got better after the episode, but I might not eat chives or leek soup for a while. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Monday, why?! | Day 5

I usually do not mind Mondays, wait, that was before the lockdown and the virus. Monday's used to be a good thing for me, but nowadays Mondays are different. They are like everyone else's Monday's now. 

I worked on catching up on my blog posts instead of a much-needed nap. Then I got distracted by filming a reel. Luckily those are quick to do. My day wasn't focused even though I tried to be! At this point, I think it is the trying that counts. At least I do a little verse not doing anything at all.

I think that having two jobs (teaching kids & photography) is starting to take its toll. There is no time for my creativity or my hobbies like knitting. I do two completely different jobs and both require so much of me and my time. I am thankful for both, but one day I hope to just focus on one of these. Also working from home all day and every day gets old too. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Sunday Walks | Day 4

For October 4th the weather was perfect this Sunday. The sun was shining beautifully, but it was super windy though. It was the perfect weather to go for a walk. 

Nowadays when my husband and I go for a walk our son does not go with us. He usually stays back with his friends. He is old enough to where he can do that, but it makes me so sad. The time is approaching so quickly to where he'd rather hang out with his friends than with us. I knew it would come, but it still makes me sad. My boy is just getting so big!

On the positive side, my husband and I enjoyed the gorgeous walk all to ourselves (and the dog). We got to get some good conversations about the things going on in our lives. I'm still processing the fact that I got pregnant and my due date was in September, but I have no baby in my arms. My faith is in the Lord on this one.

The rest of the day was spent in a weird drained state to where I did nothing even though I had so much to do! I've been in this weird place of so much to do, but no will to do it since mid-September and can't seem to shake it. Maybe it's because I had already prepared myself to be a more of a newborn this fall, but instead, I have an increased workload on my plate. None the less I am blessed!

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