Monday, April 25, 2016

A Vacation From Full-Timing

We have been at our Airbnb for 2 weeks now while our airstream Joy is getting fixed. My husband and I have a good giggle because these 2 weeks have been a vacation for us really. While traveling all day everyday since August it's not a vacation for us, its real life. We do school, work and so many other things people do inside their homes, we just get to do it inside an airstream and change the locations we do these things in. 

The past few weeks have been wonderful! It's a vacation because we have suspended our reality for the time being. I acutely have a dishwasher and a washer/dryer in the house! We haven't had this luxury since we sold our house in June of 2015. We've gone to the beach, enjoy our days at the park/splash pad. We take leisure walks around the neighborhood and we haven't done much work. Did I mention that it's been wonderful?

Today has been a little different as we are gearing up to head back on the road this week. Joystream should be coming back from the shop any day now. We've had a to-do list since we have arrived, but kept it till the every end and it worked out great. The men got haircuts that I didn't do myself. I was excited to get all the kinks and mistakes corrected after my attempts of giving them haircuts. Must add that there was a much needed lightsaber fight since Augustin got new light up lightsabers. I got to do a photoshoot with our Airbnb host family as a gift to them. We ended the evening at the playground. Tucker had about 6 people chasing in and he was in heaven. In the end to day was like any other day and perfect  in so many ways. 

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