Thursday, June 20, 2019

Life Update

One of my lessons this morning got cancelled so I thought I'd take this time and write a blog post since it's been since February. 

Life has changed in many ways since Augustin started to go to school. It's a private homeschool technically, but it's school none-the-less. Since he started to go to school I've been working 3-4 hours a day (part-time) to pay for it because it was something I wanted to take on. It was a way for me to contribute to the family as a whole. I've spent the last 10 years of our marriage not working but pursuing my photography and creative career, which was amazing, but right now we are just in a different season. It's a season of routine. Go to work and school, pick up Augustin from school, soccer, cooking food cleaning and so on. There are lots of moment of fun and freedom mixed into the routine, but for the most part, it's just the "same old, same old". 

Augustin has 1.5 weeks of school left before we head to our first official summer vacation ever! On our date, my husband asked me what I expected out of the trip and my answer was that I didn't know because I have no clue what to expect. Our last beach vacation anything was our honeymoon. We usually have travelled in the winter, for conferences or to Europe to visit family. We are also going because Lubos' sister invited us to their vacation in Croatia. We've been there on our own vacation, but it was still spring, super cold and rainy. I wouldn't call that a beach vacation at all. 

Lubos has been doing amazing with his work/career here in Slovakia. He's been invited to teach some of the things he has learned over the years with Amazon some months back. Since then the word has spread through companies and are hiring (in sorts) to teach their IT staff. The second he was asked I was super excited because it's something I knew he was so good at and needed to do. It's kinda weird that it's all finally happening because God can really do great things with this. This wasn't something we were seeking out, but something God has blessed us within this season and it's for a reason. 

I guess that's it for the news. Maybe if I blogged more regularly I can write out some of the things I've been processing and thinking through.

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