Friday, January 3, 2020

All The Photos

Today's agenda was to rest, clean and cook, oh and knit Tin's birthday sweater. I think I did everything other then what's on my list of things to do.

I got a new computer for Christmas and am finally enjoying getting to know it and use it. I am also excited to be working on my Year to Inspire project with my friend Stephanie. I've been running around the house taking pictures of my day but yet taking pictures of nothing really. What's my picture for the day?

I am also full of emotions. It's 2020, a New Year! I have no goals, but some desires on my heart this year. I've been working on my photography work which is where the emotions are coming from. I am finally a photographer again. I am working as a photographer, I have a side photo stock I am doing, there's this blog to take pictures for, A Year To Inspire blog that I just talked about. My own personal diptych project I've been working on and then there is IG. I still have a part-time job as an English tutor. I love how I am in need of using my camera again daily. It makes me feel happy and alive.

This evening I am having a friend over for dinner and games. That means I need to clean the house and make a yummy dinner that is mostly just veggies while carrying my camera on my hip to make sure I capture all those moments. That also means I've made no progress on Tin's birthday sweater and I only have 8 days left. 

In the end, I wish the house would clean itself so that I can enjoy a nice sunny walk. In December we rarely got any sunny days and my photography work suffered for it. I find that walking outside on a sunny yet cold day is by far my favorite time to walk. It refreshes me from the inside and out. It's also a time where I am close to God, a time I love to pray. 

Okay, those are some of my thoughts and now I really need to start cleaning and thinking about what to cook for dinner.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Listen To Me Babble (Post from Dec 13th)

I am calling today a rest day!

This week has been a 40 hour work week and that is 20 more hours then what I am used to. I'm not complaining, I love what I do I'm just starting to feel run down and overworked. In this season of my life, I work part-time as an English tutor, but I also picked up a long-term photography contract on top of some of my knitting work I do. 

At the moment my to-do list sounds like this. Pick-up the house, do the dishes, run the laundry and get dinner prepped also can't forget to feed myself (a big job there). Work 4 hours for my tutoring job, wrap birthday and Christmas presents. Edit a photography session and crochet 4 squares for A Year to Inspire. Finishing knitting a test knit/gift and photography 2 different stock ideas, edit some more. Luckily I have until Sunday to complete this list, but it is my husband's birthday tomorrow so it's no work and only play that day. I am very thankful that my husband takes the dog out in the evenings because it's just too much and too cold usually. 

I enjoy being this loaded with work, it brings so much inspiration to me, but some times it can be too much and a rest day needs to be declared. I am debating a rest day today. I am halfway there because working hard also sounds appealing in its own way. To help me rest I bought a book! I got it while I was in town yesterday dropping off my broken lens. 

Unfortanly I feel like this post is going nowhere. I have so much to say, but my lunch is ready and I can't spend more time on this post anymore, remember the to-do list? 

Since this is a random post I like to say that I wish blogging was popular again and that Instagram wasn't a thing, it should really take a hike. I'd switch Instagram for blogging any day. Anyone else?

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