Thursday, March 31, 2022

Rainy Day, But Make It Beautiful

It's been a month or so since I have blogged. I have totally forgot all about it with the war in Ukraine and refugees staying at our place for two weeks now. For some reason today was different though. I told myself that I will have a rest day. That means I wanted time for my bible, to photograph, to be inspired, to color, read or crochet and maybe some time on Youtube watching some of my favourite vlogs. I did some of those things and I was inspired today so it felt like the perfect day to document today's inspiration into a blog post. It is 9:45pm while I am writing this. Normally I write my posts in the morning when I have inspiration and words, but again, today is a bit different.

In the morning I enjoyed some coffee and conversation with Lubos. It feel like weeks since we sat down at the table in the morning with coffee in our hands. There were some things we needed to share and catch up on. Life has been a bit intense lately and finding time to sit down and talk has been limited. After that he went to work and I started photographing. I just love to photograph in the morning when my coffee is still hot. There seems to be an unlimited amount of inspiration. It's always been like that, but now that I go to work Monday-Wednesday I have very little days to enjoy my creative calling. I know there will be a season again when I will get it back so I am okay with the couple days I do get. 

While I was photographing I decided I need a colouring book. I've been enjoying colouring on my days off. It's been fun to play with colours, to do something quietly and something that won't give me a headache like knitting and crochet does lately. So off I went to find myself the perfect colouring book. Right when I left the house it started to rain which it hasn't in weeks, maybe even not at all in March. It was nice actually because it's been so long and it's been missed. Along with the rain also came the cold so it was time to bundle up again. While out I also stopped by two handmade stores and got myself new rag rugs. I love rag rugs because they are easy to through into the wash and with a dog about it just makes sense to me. Now we own two new rugs.

I had an evening planned with Petronela and spent my afternoon colouring an envelope to put her little gift in. She was wanting colourful spoons to use for tea and photography and I found some for her. We had a great time eating dinner and talking. I think I spent like 3 hours at her place. We had so much to catch up on and it's been too long since we last got to sit down and talk. 

Now I am home and ready for bed. It's 9:55pm and tomorrow wake up time is 7:15am. I hope I will be inspired to take pictures tomorrow as I was today.

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