Thursday, January 30, 2014

Through The Woods + Video

Lately I've been just doing video's. To my surprise they take half the time to do than a picture post. I also figured its better to have some post than no post. 
I was able to put work aside and take my son on a little walk through the neighborhood. I originally wanted to go to a park, but he wanted to stay nearby. I've learned that a meaningful half an a half spent with him is more precious then all day spent with me on the computer. Hoping to make a family day trip this Saturday and really document the moments and memories we'll make.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Birthday Video

My little boy turned four this month. I haven't put up any pictures, but did manage to put a little video from his actual birthday. He chose to spend it at the beach. It was very windy and super cold, but it was also a day that he will remember as he got to do exactly what he wanted. I'm blessed to be his mommy!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you were to go back and read some of my old posts from this past year (2013) you will find that I worked too much and kept on saying I wanted to 'be a better mom' or 'wished to focus on my family more'. Well, this year I decide not to say that! Instead I'm just going to do what I said I would. 

I've got an even busier schedule this year as my career grows. I am LOVING all the work I've been getting and doing. Of course the more I have the less my family gets, but I've made that decision to just still make them my number one. 

Yesterday instead of doing 'work' or cleaning the studio I went on a little nature adventure with my boys. I found a nature scavenger hunt printout that my son could do and wouldn't get bored with. With his camera & magnifying glass we were off for a family walk. It was really beautiful to have spent that time with them. Made me wish for the warmer summer days. The walk wasn't too long, but we had a lot of fun learning along the way!

One of my decisions this year is not to worry about work or the amount I have, but instead just spend time with my son and let God take care of the rest. It's been a beautiful mind shift, one that helps me take the focus of the 'doing' and give that part to God while I do the things that really matter to Him like building up my family and loving on them. 

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