Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Birthday Video

My little boy turned four this month. I haven't put up any pictures, but did manage to put a little video from his actual birthday. He chose to spend it at the beach. It was very windy and super cold, but it was also a day that he will remember as he got to do exactly what he wanted. I'm blessed to be his mommy!

 photo e779be83-6c34-4066-971e-b137f042e675_zps24e57051.jpg

 photo c3deb3c1-2530-4e9f-8c74-7942a4b72703_zps459d9489.jpg

 photo 19fce3a3-84e3-414a-8c2a-d19773d5bcc9_zps66b0c275.jpg


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