Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Working Momma

When being a stay-at-home-work-from-home momma I've noticed that you just can't do it all. There should be priorities set and goals made or the day will run you.

For instance, I very much disapprove of having the television become a babysitter & with that being said it has become just that in my household. In the mornings when my son gets up the first thing he wants to do is play on my phone or watch some cartoons. I find myself very disappointed in how I've managed things with my career and me as a mommy. Sometimes life and deadlines get too much so turning a show on just so I can focus on things has been the way to go. 

I've really noticed this yesterday and promised to myself that things will change. Instead of going straight for a show or the phone in the mornings we will get getting back into children's devotions. Instead of focusing on my work, deadlines or house stuff I plan on focusing on my son or at least give hime a great activity outside of computer games and tv shows. Now this is easier said then done, but today was a better start in the right direction.

How do you working momma's go about this?

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Such crazy rain today in Seattle with many touches of sunshine.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hello Sweet Routine

It's been way too long since I've documented my beautiful life. One reason for that was due to my traveling schedule, not-so-fun personal family stuff and work.

I've felt so behind for so many weeks that this week is such a breath of fresh air. Now you can call me super woman as I was able to take my son to the park with friends in the morning, watched a promised movie with him at home, edited 3 full sessions, answered emails, made dinner for my husband, read bedtime stories for my son and even got some design work in. Yes, I am totting my own horn as I haven't felt anything close to how great things went today for way to long. We all need to pat ourselves on our shoulder from time to time. Please pat your now!

I am looking forward to September even with it's business traveling schedule and all will be well when things finally settle back into a sweet routine that keeps my life full, meaningful and balanced. 

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