Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some Days Behind | Week Two, Day Twelve

Sometimes you just loose track and fall behind. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on this blogging challenge, it just means that I'm leaving a little gap. This past week has been intense, horrible and oh so good all within a few days. In other words, it was a rollercoaster ride that my husband and I took together right after he came back from Israel.

Today has been a rollercoaster day, but in all the good ways. It's Tuesday and lately Tuesday's mean that school is thrown to the wayside, and my son and I head to the big city. To us, Bratislava is the big city and adventure to trek to as it takes a couple of hours. On Tuesday's our church hosts a bible study. One week it's for men and the other it's for woman. I go for both because I also have a meet up with other creative expat moms to knit and crochet together for a couple of hours while we chat at the cutest cafe and bookstore. I also have the time to meet my friends who live in the big city. I go to them, they do not come to me.

Tuesday's are really exciting and refreshing. It does create some craze at home because we have to be out of the house by noon while trying to throw in so much before we actually leave. I usually do not eat breakfast and enjoy a quick sandwich at the train station. Today was no different. I did manage to finish my friends Christmas present, a handmade clay house plant holder. I've been making them lately and love how they look. I also knit her slippers, but didn't finish the second one. She ended up with only one slipper and a promise of the next. 

The best part about today was meeting my said friends newborn baby girl Maribelle. Newborns are just so precious! Also, the fact that we found the Russian store and bought Pelmeni. I've been wanting them for a few years now and couldn't be happier that I found a store that sells them. It means that I can truly make Slovakia my home now because honestly, that was the only things that was missing and you think I'm joking. Nope, I am 100% serious! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

All To Myself | Week Two, Day Eight

It's the next day and boy and I thankful for that!

Some weeks back we decided that the weekend of my husbands company party Augustin would spend the night at his grandparents. It also worked out because he had Svaty Mikuláš on Saturday and they usually take him. This all meant that after my rough past couple of days I got a whole Friday all to myself before the company party. It was much needed time where I didn't have to be in teacher mode.

I had wanted to do so much with that time, but ended up in bed till 11:30am with a headache. At that point I was really thankful that I had the time to recover. The day went quickly after that. The rest of the afternoon consisted of me getting ready for the company party. It was really the perfect uneventful day. 

When it was time to leave at 4pm, it started to really rain outside. I had to walk through our village all dolled up in heels with my big yellow raincoat. I looked like a bit out of place. I did get many stares from strangers, but luckily my husband put me on first class in the train so I wasn't too out of place there.

The company party itself was so much fun. I enjoy the people mu husband works with, they are all very kind people.

There is one story. A couple came up to me and started talking. I've never met anyone from my husbands work so I had NO CLUE who they were. We started to talk and I told them I did not miss America much. I love Slovakia and it's really a great place to call home. There was ONE thing though that I did not enjoy about Slovakia and love about America, the paycheck are much better and bigger in America. I missed those, I told them. They laughed, we laughed, it was great fun. As we started to walk away from the conversation my husband asked if I knew who that was. No, no clue who it was. Turns out, it was the CEO of the company my husband worked for. I died! Okay I didn't, but wow! Luckily he is the kindest of CEO's and my husband said it wasn't that bad, but hopefully will work in our favor.

And that's my story of the day. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sometimes I Cry | Week One, Day Seven

Today started with a prayer. A prayer for wisdom, peace and joy for our day.

It didn't go any better than yesterday.

I'm a person who doesn't cry and if I do, it rarely. Today I cried and I cried hard.

I'm leaving this blog post at that. There's nothing more to say. Maybe one more thing. Can we just throw homeschooling out the window? Can I just throw myself on the ground and kick and scream like my son does? Can I just throw the whole house out the window?

I think I need to go pray now and cry some more.

I've had a few minutes. When someone's anger reaches a max people usually have a moment to go outdoor, take a breather. Me, as a homeschooling mom, I don't have that luxury. I'd have to take the child with me. That means convincing him for an hour, feeding him, dressing him and the list goes on. Just for that breather I'd be anger then ever before.

It's a day where I work on the right things, but its just me hitting my head against a wall. Days like these are real life, everyone gets them. I have to remind myself that I'm not the only one going through this horrid season. It's 2pm! I'll go turn on some worship music, invite Jesus in again and ignore my child (he'll be safer that way). I'll update this at the end of the day, maybe things will turn around and the dark hurricane over my head will pass.

It didn't pass. It was a hard day, a hard threw days that we all get from time to time. Crying helps in these moments as it relieves some of that buildup inside. There is always hope in Jesus.

One Tough Day | Week One, Day Six

There are just some of those days where you don't want to talk about it. Well, today was one of those days. Doing school with Augustin today was like scrubbing toilets except the toilet talked back whined and complained. It was a 'throw your hand up and call it quits' type of day.

On hard days where everything is just too much work I am thankful that God gives us a new day. We don't have to repeat these days. We can invited Jesus into our lives, into our hardships and lean on Him. That's what I will do tomorrow. Repeating today would just be terrible. 

Lubos worked from home today. I barely took any pictures and as a whole the day was eventful, but the school which made things tough. It's not always rainbow and roses and that's okay!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Meet Ups in BA | Week One, Day Five

When you plan to catch the bus at noon to go into town the whole morning just rushes by. Today I had two get togethers in Bratislava. One was for a mommy group I’m in and the other for church. I love days like these. Days that get me out of the house and into the city.

The trip to the train station was pretty smooth. On the train my husband reserved us seats for the children’s car which was super kind and helpful. We sat with two other kids and Augustin made friends instantly. They played nicely the whole hour into town. Once in town we hopped onto a bus and route we’ve never been on before, but with my husbands help we got to the place we needed. All we needed to do was take a walk the remaining way. I like to give my phone to my son so that he can navigate us through the streets. He loves doing it. 

The crafting mommy group met at a cafe and bookstore. It was small, cozy and quaint. The best part was they sell English books! I did walk out with a new novel that was on sale. The plan was to chat with the mommy’s and knit or crochet, but this mommy forgot her knitting needles at home. How did I ever manage to do that?!

After the wonderful meetup Augustin and I headed to the Christmas market for some food. It took us a while to find what to eat, but what we did get fed us both and Augustin loved it. The wind was so bitter cold though. We froze while we eat outdoors. It was worth it as the meal was big, inexpensive and delicious. I went back to tell them we loved it. It was also our first time at the Christmas market here in BA.

Now we are at our next meetup and yes, Augustin navigated us here. I’m sitting in the kids section of the bookstore while Augustin is scoping out all the books.

I love days like these. It was so much fun to walk in the old town and in hand with my son. I hope he has good memories from these adventures of ours. I know I will.

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