Monday, November 7, 2016

Week Two: Day One | November Challenge

Just like that I am cranking out week two of my personal blog!

"Oh the memories we have made and shared." Make sure you read that in a dreamy voice.

Anyway, today we have dealt with big attitudes bother from Augustin and Tucker. It's amazing how alike these two are even though one is a boy and one is a dog. Next time I WON'T pray for a dog to be just like my son because God hears and then there are times where He actually gives us what we asked for. Now they are too alike to be friends or even like each other.

One of the issues for the boy today was that I didn't make his cappuccino correctly. He told me it tasted like corn. This kid gets a cappuccino from me and then proceeds to tell me I make it wrong. That lasted for about an hour.

We went on our walk after lunch. We decided to go early because the days are getting pretty cold therefore evening walks would be freezing.  I spent the walk photographing everything as I have been inspired by our daily walks. Augustin spent it running from one puddle to the next. Tucker searched and devoured dead fish, 4 this time. Hubby was just patient with all of us like usual. It was truly a wonderful walk.

The real awesomeness to my day was having the strength to cook two amazing meals and keep the kitchen clean the whole day. That hasn't happened for over 2 weeks! Figuring out my milk and egg + yeast allergies have really changed things and I can't wait to see more healing.

We also finished my mom's guest room where she will stay while here for the next two months. I am liking how the closet turned out because it really feels like a cozy and perfect guest bedroom. We like it as a guest bedroom better than a closet.

Tomorrow we go in for a check up for Augustin's broken arm and a bible study in the evening.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Running On Fumes

It's the end of the day and I feel like I am barely there. 

The thing is I felt this way most of the day. I've been prescribed a nose spray for the healing of the damage my food allergies have caused and it turns out I'm allergic to it. I've had headaches since I started the prescription and now my nose swelled up. I'm so ready to be healthy and feel like myself again!

With all that said, it's a short post people. Its felt like a short day too as we just focused on setting up our guest room for my moms visit. 

That's it.

Ps. That's the hard part about the challenge. Some days are just days that you wished were over and done with so you can get to the fun days. Oh and I didn't knit a single thing, which was perfect.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Own Agenda's

We all need to pretend it's a weekend and stay in our pajama's all day right?!

As I type this it's 11:04pm and I am half way ready for bed because I never took off them pj's! Night made easier right there. 

We all woke up with gusto and our own agenda's. Mine was to cook, clean and conquer my creativity, Augustin's was to play and play some more then Hubby's was work and putting together our wardrobes. We all did our thing, but the boys went above and beyond. Hubby did all he set out to do today plus some and Augustin played, but managed to finish school. I... faded with the warmth of the sun as it set.

It was a nice day spend in quiet, play and work. 

For the record I did knit a mitt, make lunch and dinner and clean the kitchen once. This is for personal record...

Starting tomorrow we count down to our trip to London and my mom's stay with us for the holiday's. That's when crazy starts and I'm ready for the crazy. 

The end. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Not Typical Day Two

Today's post was nearly forgotten, which means I am writing it at midnight just to stay on course with my challenge.

It was yet another unusual day for us. I've been saying that two days in a row so maybe there's a pattern there? Anyway, this morning we left the house shortly after 9am to a follow-up doctor's appointment I had. Last week I was prescribed antibiotics for my swollen tonsils and needed to go in for that. We waited in the waiting room for almost 2 hours. To our surprise Augustin did so well and patiently (more than me) waited the whole time. I did finally get seen and sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist. 

Lucky for us, the specialist was around the corner and we got seen within 15min. My diagnosis ended up being chronic tonsillitis, but the main issue was with my nose. Won't go into details, but I have food allergies and the allergies have been racking havoc on my body for a few months. I'm very much allergic to yogurt, milk and eggs. Well, since we have moved to Slovakia I have upped my intake of all these items. Honestly, I dismissed my allergies as no big deal because I wouldn't break out in hives or need an epipen. I didn't realize that my allergies were serious, but now that I am having health issues I see that they are and can just kick myself. Starting from today I change my diet and have to be strict for my health. Oh and I need my tonsils removed sometime in the near future. I'm happy I have answers and that that's all over with.

After we got home I decided today was our Saturday and Augustin enjoyed a school day off. That just means that on the actual Saturday we will be putting together the guest room and he will be doing school, but that's okay because its supposed to rain anyway. Then I gave my handsome men a haircut. I am getting better at it, but it still stresses me out greatly.

We resumed our evening walks and boy was it cold out! The sunset was gorgeous as always. The walk was romantic, wonderful and happy  for all of us. It's my favorite evening activity and I am so happy that I have decided to do the walks daily if we are at home. It will bring us good memories and a healthy body. 

Why am I us to late finishing this? Hubby and I decided to watch a movie and I am happy we did. It's been on our list for a few days.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good Day for IKEA

It wasn't a typical day for us. It was a refreshing break from the routine. 

Augustin was inspired to finish school as soon as he could. On Monday he finished school before noon so that he could attend a harvest party. After finishing school so quickly on Monday he realized that he had all the rest of the day to himself. He was pretty excited about the possibilities and the freedom that opened up to him when he did his school early and stayed focused. Well, today he too finished school by noon. 

After Augustin finished school staying at home felt off. Hubby and I spent our morning figuring out the new ribber to my knitting machine. The ribber wasn't working and the day felt like it was going all wrong because we spent most of it dealing with the seller. So I suggested a trip to IKEA. It was 1pm and that left us with a good chunk of day to tackle a job we planned to do on Saturday. To my joy hubby agreed and off we went.

In the end, we were so glad that Augustin gave us the opportunity to go to IKEA because we would have been stressed out the next few days trying to put together my mom's room for when she comes on the 12th. I have to give God credit because I do believe He worked out the little details and knew just what we needed. Now we can prep for my mom's coming in peace. I truly love how my heavenly Father is in the details. As I am typing this I can see His great love and am reminded that if He cares for the little, He has me in the big.

That was our day today. We spent about 4 hours at IKEA and more money than I ever imagined I wanted to spend, but the shopping in done. That leaves us with a Saturday to put together her room. I'm sure images will follow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Blogging Challenge

I've attempted to start blogging many times and have yet to succeed in a routine. With that said, this month I have given myself a challenge to blog 5-6 images per day about our day. 

I realize that our days go from being very basic to very adventurous, but none of it gets documented. I have images, lots of them actually. The sad part is none of those images come with words. I love putting our day into writing and adding my photography with them to create our story. It's a beautiful story to look back on and such wonderful memories to browse through. There are days where we can spend hours going through my blog here and reliving the memories.

It was a school day today and school days have become mundane. We sit at home. Hubby does his work, goes to the grocery store and takes care of the dog. Augustin plays when he gets even the littlest window, does school in between snacking and running around. I do my thing, take pictures, clean, cook and so on. Nothing special really happens during the week because of homeschool. I didn't realize what school does to a family. You really can't just go out and enjoy life because there is an education to be had for our kids. That ties us all done. Honestly, our airstream homeschooling did not prepare us for 4-6 hours of school EVERY SINLGE DAY. Okay, truth is we enjoy a slow morning and don't get to school till noon some days and that is a blessing plus we are spoiled and I'm okay with that.

Some days ago I decided that we need to go on family walks every single day that we are home. We have a house that's behind a lake with beautiful paths to walk yet most day we do not go outside to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful sunsets. We are not in Seattle anymore so most days are sunny and clear (cold though) which gives us many days of good walking weather. Getting out of the house releases stress, gives us fresh air and is the perfect break.

We have been so blessed to be living in such a beautiful area of Slovakia. Actually, there are many beautiful area's here in Slovakia, we just live in one a small corner of the beauty. 
I'm excited to start sharing more and regularly!

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