Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Traditional Image 2014

Since 2010 my husband and Tin have been taking the same picture at the same location. It's been done in the summer, but this year we were 3 months behind due to our busy traveling schedule. The image this year is a little flat and doesn't show much, but we did get it done! I need to remember to never do this on a whim, but to really put some thought into it so that there is some consistency in it!

So here they are...




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Friday, November 22, 2013

Zoo Date with Friends

It's late (midnight). I never have anything wise to say when all I hear is the bed calling my name, but I am determined to post here.

Today was a special day, like all of our days. We went to the zoo with our friends. I remember the last time we were at the zoo, spring time, Tin wasn't really interested in the animals and now all he wants to see are the animals. It's beautiful to see how he has grown over the year and will be turning four in 7 weeks. 

I made it a priority to spend time with him today and really be there 100%. We painted a cardboard box that contained my new fitted sheet. The box will be a part of a train project that he's been working on. We started out using markers and ended with watercolors. He really enjoyed spending that time together because when it was my time to work and for him to go to bed all he wanted to do was have us work on his project. 

I am excited for tomorrow because we have no plans and the sun is forecasted. I'm thinking a nice nature walk or a bike ride is on the agenda. 

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- From Yesterday -

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When I Step Back

Looking at my calendar on my desktop, I am finding it hard to believe that November is flying by like a hurricane without a warning. It's almost Thanksgiving people! For some reason I can't warp my mind around that. 

After months of traveling, deadlines that never end, road trips, and just life, after it all I find myself in disappointment when I step back and look at my life. I have made time for traveling, I made time for my Inspired Blog, time for client shoots, time for guest posting, time for cross stitching and the list goes on. What I find myself not having made time for is one-on-one time with my son, date nights with my husband, coffee dates with my mom, this blog that's so dear to me, and capturing the daily beautiful life not just the pretty things I do and make. 

For the past few months I would find myself cross stitching to relax and not playing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes with my son. There have been a few things that have been bothering my husband and I about my son's behavior, but this week, I see why he's the way he is. I've left him to fend for himself while cranking out my work. I was still there and took 2 minute breaks to be with him, but more than 50% of my brain was still on work. 

I'm not hammering on myself as that is no good and because God gives me grace. It's pointless to beat myself up for my mistakes and flaws. It's important that I give it to God and ask Him that He now works on these area's He has just showed me. I am happy that I see these things and that He is giving me grace to change! 

I've decided to join in on the December Daily, but in a digital form. I need to slow down, say no to things that I need to and focus on the things that are dear to me. When the holiday's get busy I will have an activity to keep my priorities where they need to be, and that is with God and my family then He will bless the rest. I hope to get back into this little blog of mine and make those memories count.

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