Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Foggy Adventure

My tea is brewing, my lunch is cooking and my feet are thankful for rest. I plan to eat a good lunch, drink a pot of tea and rest for a few minutes before I finish off my last couple of hours of work. 

Today's morning work schedule was a mess. My company is having technical issues which make me lose hours of work. Today was one of those days. Instead of having an hour-long English lesson with a favourite student I had to call the session quits due to the issues and go for a long walk in the woods. Yesterday the hills were covered in Hoar Frost, but because I needed to go to the post office I couldn't hike up the hills and capture the beauty. I thought that because it's still 0c out that the frost would have stayed will today. I was wrong but still enjoyed the foggy forest walk.

The forest walk lasted over 2 hours and I think I walked over 3 miles mostly uphill. I came home with blisters on my feet, a bruised heel (not sure why), and a strained adductor muscles due to hiking in my winter boots. Was it worth it? You bet! I may have hobbled back home, but I loved every minute of my adventure. I just now have to take it easy and make sure I do not wear my winter boots for a while. 

Now I get to enjoy my tea while I finish my last couple of hours of work. For lunch, I am having Tom Yum soup yet again because it is just so easy to make and keeps me full. I wonder how much longer I will enjoy this meal before I get over it.

My goal this month is to enjoy two-hour walk three times a week. I've been out of shape and this will be a great way to start my exercise journey that I should have started months ago. I hope to take my camera every time and capture the beauty around me.  

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Cold + Dark Today

I always dread the winter. Winter is a hard season for me and has been especially for the last 3+ years. During this season I struggle with headaches, lack of motivation and miss the sun with its warmth, but this year I decided to change the way I think about winter.

I have made a decision that I love this season. I love it when it snows. I love looking for beauty when nature is at rest. I love taking long walks in the cold air. There are many other things I love about winter and this year I choose to focus on the things I love and not on the problematic things that pop up with winter. 

Yesterday I made myself walk to the grocery store with Tucker. It was a relaxing experience and got me out of the house because I usually stay indoors for work. I find that I do not have enough time to get my knitting work done and take a walk all within one day. It ends up being one or the other. Looking at the clock now I only have one hour before I start work and have yet to do any knitting. Anyway, because yesterday was so nice I decided to take another walk to the post office and without the dog this time. It was just my camera, the cold and I. 

The walk was so cleaning and refreshing to my spirit. I made sure to open my eyes to anything that is beautiful. I examined all the trees, the houses I passed by and the leaves on the ground. It made my soul very happy to go for this slow walk. Unfortunately, today is a really dark and gloomy day. I had to keep my camera's ISO way high because there isn't enough light for a decent picture. 

When I got home I decided it was time to work on my planner for 2020. I was originally wanting to make my own this year and save the money, but then I found some decent planners that weren't too expensive. In the end, I finally did decide to make my own this year. I hope I don't get tired of it like I did the year before. While working on the layout of the planner I made Tom Yum soup for the second day in a row. It's so easy to make and my new obsession. 

Now I am off to knit a few rows of my test knit that is on a deadline before I sign into work. Today my men won't get home till 7:30pm which means that after work I have plenty of time to clean the house, but it will be too dark for me to show any before and after pictures. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Hello Monday

Ready or not, but here it is. The weekend is over and today starts another work and school week.

I'm not excited to head back into tutoring, but I can't complain because we had a really chill and fun weekend. Saturday was spent cleaning and relaxing because Sunday was the big day of our week. We cleaned and prepared for house guests as we had invited our church family for Waffles and Games. I've been planning this for a week and hoped that we would have a good turnout. I am pleased to say many beautiful people came ready to enjoy some waffles and play some games. I love having people over even if it meant some cleaning and stress while preparing the food in time.

Today is Parkour for my son so that means the men will come home very late. It gives me the day to myself. I have many things on my to-do list but I am feeling a bit sluggish and wish that thinking of them means they are getting done. I have hours of work today which cuts my day very short. Maybe this will be the end of my post and I'm feeling the need to keep things simple and short today.

I'll take a nap now and see how much I get done before my next work shift. Maybe I will squeeze in some square joining for my crochet granny square blanket. In the end, it's been a lonely and quiet day. I recorded a video of Tucker eating veggies, did some work for A Year To Inspire, but I feel a little sad on the inside. Maybe it has something to do with some posts I saw. I hope my last two hours of work goes quick so that I can take a walk in fresh air before it gets too dark. Then there is cleaning and dinner to do before my men come home.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

All the Fall Colors

We have plans today. Writing a blog post isn't one of them, but eh it's important. 

Our plans today is to clean the house for Sunday's Waffle and Games that will take place at our house. I also need to eat breakfast (that needs to be scheduled as it's 10:30am and I still haven't). Tin and I want would like to visit the Kid's Market (Detsky Blsi Tyh) in the old town and would like to go out for lunch since we'll be in town already. We will finish our day with more cleaning because at this point I've only managed to clean my creative work desk. Okay, I should stop scrolling through Facebook and actually do something like eating breakfast. 

It's 2:30pm and we ended up going nowhere. I talked on the phone with a friend and spent some time cleaning the house. Tin wanted to play computer games and read some books so that he can do that. Usually, I would have a problem with us staying home on a Saturday, but today I don't mind. Lubos is at a Kid's Ministry conference which means he isn't home most of today. It's just Tin and I enjoying a slow Saturday. 

I did plan on not cooking and going out for lunch, but that wasn't happening since I couldn't get the kid dressed to go. I did something I have never done before, I ordered takeout. Saying that out loud makes me feel a little guilty. I'm usually the one cooking in this house so getting food delivered is a foreign concept and something my husband doesn't do. There is a HotWok restaurant near us that delivers to our area. I've always wanted to try it. Since I don't speak the language so well I ordered it online. So yummy and convenient that I might be ordering more often. Since my child doesn't eat foreign cuisine I made him Russian pelmeni. 

It's 4pm now, that means the lights go on and the camera get's up away. I will end this blog with pictures from my glorious walk with the dog. It was just so perfect outside! Everything is perfectly yellow and orange out while the air is crisp. It makes my heart sing! Now it's back to more cleaning and grocery shopping before a shower. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and write to you next week. Next week will be an exciting one. 

Tin stayed in his pyjama's the whole day. When my husband got home he congratulated him for already being ready for bed at 5:30 pm. My son's replay was, "It's one of my talents." Of course, Lubos and I giggled. This is something I want to remember.

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