Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Foggy Adventure

My tea is brewing, my lunch is cooking and my feet are thankful for rest. I plan to eat a good lunch, drink a pot of tea and rest for a few minutes before I finish off my last couple of hours of work. 

Today's morning work schedule was a mess. My company is having technical issues which make me lose hours of work. Today was one of those days. Instead of having an hour-long English lesson with a favourite student I had to call the session quits due to the issues and go for a long walk in the woods. Yesterday the hills were covered in Hoar Frost, but because I needed to go to the post office I couldn't hike up the hills and capture the beauty. I thought that because it's still 0c out that the frost would have stayed will today. I was wrong but still enjoyed the foggy forest walk.

The forest walk lasted over 2 hours and I think I walked over 3 miles mostly uphill. I came home with blisters on my feet, a bruised heel (not sure why), and a strained adductor muscles due to hiking in my winter boots. Was it worth it? You bet! I may have hobbled back home, but I loved every minute of my adventure. I just now have to take it easy and make sure I do not wear my winter boots for a while. 

Now I get to enjoy my tea while I finish my last couple of hours of work. For lunch, I am having Tom Yum soup yet again because it is just so easy to make and keeps me full. I wonder how much longer I will enjoy this meal before I get over it.

My goal this month is to enjoy two-hour walk three times a week. I've been out of shape and this will be a great way to start my exercise journey that I should have started months ago. I hope to take my camera every time and capture the beauty around me.  

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