Thursday, January 2, 2020

Listen To Me Babble (Post from Dec 13th)

I am calling today a rest day!

This week has been a 40 hour work week and that is 20 more hours then what I am used to. I'm not complaining, I love what I do I'm just starting to feel run down and overworked. In this season of my life, I work part-time as an English tutor, but I also picked up a long-term photography contract on top of some of my knitting work I do. 

At the moment my to-do list sounds like this. Pick-up the house, do the dishes, run the laundry and get dinner prepped also can't forget to feed myself (a big job there). Work 4 hours for my tutoring job, wrap birthday and Christmas presents. Edit a photography session and crochet 4 squares for A Year to Inspire. Finishing knitting a test knit/gift and photography 2 different stock ideas, edit some more. Luckily I have until Sunday to complete this list, but it is my husband's birthday tomorrow so it's no work and only play that day. I am very thankful that my husband takes the dog out in the evenings because it's just too much and too cold usually. 

I enjoy being this loaded with work, it brings so much inspiration to me, but some times it can be too much and a rest day needs to be declared. I am debating a rest day today. I am halfway there because working hard also sounds appealing in its own way. To help me rest I bought a book! I got it while I was in town yesterday dropping off my broken lens. 

Unfortanly I feel like this post is going nowhere. I have so much to say, but my lunch is ready and I can't spend more time on this post anymore, remember the to-do list? 

Since this is a random post I like to say that I wish blogging was popular again and that Instagram wasn't a thing, it should really take a hike. I'd switch Instagram for blogging any day. Anyone else?

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