Thursday, January 29, 2015

As The Sun Shines

Not everyday does the sun shine with a free day and nothing scheduled in the planner leaving the day to wonder about wherever the heart takes it. This time we went to Lord Hill Park in Snohomish right next to where Gracestream is staying. How refreshing it was to be untied, free and with great company. The last time the three of us went to two parks in one week was two years ago before my career picked up and I had time to spend my days exploring.

The day was by no means warm, but being in the sunshine one could not help but feel a soft promise of spring. The promise gave me a smile as I adore continuous sunshine, flowers, bird chirping and the life that comes with spring. That's how it felt like as we walked through those cold woods through the trails that wound left and right. Our walk lasted about 2 hours with a few stops to fish in-between oh and to eat a banana. 

It warms my heart when Tin can be outdoors exploring for hours without complain of the long walks or the many hills. It makes me happy because I know that when we start trekking through the national parks of America he will enjoy it. I know that he can walk for hours without complaining and that means that we can really get some great hikes in, see some incredible things and bond as a family like never before. So many awesome things to look forward to and such an awesome time enjoying the in-betweens before it all starts.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gracestream and Birthday Celebrations

This week has been full of birthday celebrations and working on Gracestream.

Augustin has been 5 since the beginning of the month, but we have officially celebrated this big age. We have also started official work on Grace. We have taken out a few hours every day to demo the inside of the trailer. Our goal is to be slow and steady. We want to make sure that we invite God into every step of  this process instead of us running away with the project and leave the presence of God behind. We, as humans, have a tendency to do so. He gives us a dream or a vision, but we decide that 'we got this' and run with it without Him. I've done it in my photography career. So this time, we want to make sure that the Creator of our dream, this journey, is involved and center of everything that is happening. To ensure this we work on praying before we start working on Grace. Now when we run into any problems along the way we have already invited God to solve them. It's also great for working on our faith because we know that no matter the challenges we come across, He can solve them and give us a solution. 

At this point we have gotten rid of the beds and cabinets in the back of Gracestream. We have demoed the bathroom and closets, leaving us with just the galley kitchen area to finish before the weekend is out. Hubby still has some work to do under the trailer called the 'belly pan'. The plan is to start working on the systems next week inviting the experts like an electrician, plumber and carpenter for the things we cannot do. We still need to finalize the floor plan and lots of other things that are done behind the computer through research. The goal is to finish by the end of May and with God on our side I believe that we can!

Grace in getting renovated on a farm that's half a junkyard. We get to see chickens and baby chicks, also horses, sheep, goats and a cow. Its fun on weekends to visit the animals, but on week days we get to Grace when it is already dark. When spring comes it will be fun for Tin to enjoy this farm as we get Grace ready. 

When not working on Gracestream we've been enjoying life, knowing that our lives don't start once we are finished with Grace and on the road, but it's the now, the little things that makes up our lives. I have to remember that I need to enjoy this season as we prepare to leave, to enjoy being at home, outdoors with Tin and all the in-betweens. Too often we put our lives on hold for that great moment that's ahead and forget to enjoy the great moment that we are in. Traveling in an airstream is just as great as raising a family at home, its life and life is a gift, I would know! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lunch Date + Airstream Names

There is always such a joy in meeting up with an old friend for a birthday lunch. The hours of talks, laughs and connecting is better then a tangible gift.

On the 11th I turned 31 years old and today I celebrated with my friend from my childhood. I love the women that we have grown into. Yes, some dreams have fallen to the way side, some unfulfilled, but through it all life is beautiful and we are still friends. Its also nice to know that we could go years without seeing each other, but yet when we do it was like we never even parted.

While I was out to lunch the boys went to fix up Grace our airstream. The airstream now has a name! I picked it and think it fits perfectly. Hubby likes to call it Gracestream. He says 'it' and I say 'she'. Today they ripped out the bamboo flooring to discover a wet subfloor. Tomorrow we will all be there to take out the rest of it and start on some repairs. It kinda scares me all the extra work that keeps popping up, but our trust is in God and this whole project is His idea.

Today I spent some time working on the blogs new logo and look. I also plan on designing a pillow with the name Grace on it for the decor or I can just find something online. Anyway, there is lots of work from figuring out the right cabinets to go inside, hide-a-bed couch, new floors and tile. My job is to do the research, find the interior items we need and figure that side of things out. It's amazing how much everything needs to be limited to a weight. Hubby's job is to do the plumbing, electrical and the shell of the airstream. All this needs to be done my the end of May when he is quitting that cushy job that we so love and hate.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Ingredient Pancakes Your Kids Will Love

As a kid and even as an adult I love to eat pancakes, but for many years I haven't. For one reason or another I stopped trusting the ingredients that were in the pancake mixes. I know I could have made my own mix, but laziness sometimes gets the best of me. 

When browsing Instagram I came across a 2 ingredient pancake recipe. I didn't believe it so I tried it out for myself. People, the easiest pancake recipe on the planet and its even paleo friendly! Your kids will love this and so will you.

2 Eggs
1 Banana

Crack the eggs, peel the banana and put it all in a blender. Blend for a good 5 min till there is a foam on top. Bake and that is it!

It's been a chore to get my son to eat protein in the morning. From his last doctors appoint I was told to make this my goal. Thanks to this recipe that is not a problem. When I make them for myself I like to add walnuts on top, which makes it even better. 

If you try it, let me know how you like it!

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