Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Made My Resolution

Round here my husband has always been the one to take his vitamins and do the grocery shopping. If I went grocery shopping I'd come back with a much emptied account, but very little edible food! 

Since my birthday on the 11th I finally made my resolution. It wasn't to go to the gym even though working out will be something I want to do this year. It was to take my vitamins and to cook even more healthier then I already am. For us, that mean cutting out the amount of bread, pasta, potatoes and rice we eat and in turn increase the veggie intake. I thought long and hard on this. I want to not only look healthy, but feel it from deep inside of me. I haven't felt like myself since I gave birth to my son 5 years ago! 

Thanks to my dear friend Stephanie who got me a Simplified Planner I am able to have a place to plan out meals, work out my schedule and have a to-do list. I am also loving how my scribbles look on paper. As of now I have been planning my meals daily. While having breakfast I would plan what we would have for lunch and dinner. My goal is to be able to plan every Sunday for the whole week. I want to be able to go to the grocery store only once a week unlike everyday which I've been doing. This is all so new to me and not what I have been gifted at! I am willing to learn this skill and kinda have too before we leave for our year long airstream trip this June. 

Yes, I did say a year long trip in our airstream. At the moment hubby is moving the airstream into a barn where it will be while we renovate it. I'll be sharing my decorating ideas, progress and pictures here of that project. We are so excited for this new season! This blog will be getting a facelift that will be focused more on our family, trip and airstream. 

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