Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lunch Date + Airstream Names

There is always such a joy in meeting up with an old friend for a birthday lunch. The hours of talks, laughs and connecting is better then a tangible gift.

On the 11th I turned 31 years old and today I celebrated with my friend from my childhood. I love the women that we have grown into. Yes, some dreams have fallen to the way side, some unfulfilled, but through it all life is beautiful and we are still friends. Its also nice to know that we could go years without seeing each other, but yet when we do it was like we never even parted.

While I was out to lunch the boys went to fix up Grace our airstream. The airstream now has a name! I picked it and think it fits perfectly. Hubby likes to call it Gracestream. He says 'it' and I say 'she'. Today they ripped out the bamboo flooring to discover a wet subfloor. Tomorrow we will all be there to take out the rest of it and start on some repairs. It kinda scares me all the extra work that keeps popping up, but our trust is in God and this whole project is His idea.

Today I spent some time working on the blogs new logo and look. I also plan on designing a pillow with the name Grace on it for the decor or I can just find something online. Anyway, there is lots of work from figuring out the right cabinets to go inside, hide-a-bed couch, new floors and tile. My job is to do the research, find the interior items we need and figure that side of things out. It's amazing how much everything needs to be limited to a weight. Hubby's job is to do the plumbing, electrical and the shell of the airstream. All this needs to be done my the end of May when he is quitting that cushy job that we so love and hate.

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  1. I found you via the Wild+Free IG feed and can I tell you how much I love your photography and your eye for detail! I am excited to follow your airstream adventures!


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