Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Is Too Good Not To Share

Wow, I really think this has been the longest I've been away from here! 

But life is just too good not to share. Despite me not always able to blog here, I really really need to just find the time to do it as this is the only place where I get to document our lives. Plus, life is too good not to be able to look back on it with joy.

My goal from my on is to keep this little personal space up-to-date. Plus with summer coming soon, we'll be out of doors and in full swing of capturing those memories. Here are the once I've taken this past month I've missed. 

 photo Light1014_zpsddf3b5fd.jpg

 photo Light1012_zps5c1ed112.jpg

 photo Light1013_zps4a550269.jpg

 photo Light1011_zpsd7b36ce7.jpg

 photo Light1010_zpsc82ccd38.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-7_zpsd9ab9225.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-6_zps6c316306.jpg

 photo Light1005_zps92a71dd5.jpg

 photo Light1006_zps28d6782c.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-1_zps4848bb3f.jpg

 photo Light1007_zpsf628e970.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-2_zps9e2d33de.jpg

 photo Light1008_zps997ed8d2.jpg

 photo Light1009_zps2801429f.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-3_zps34981317.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-4_zps434e8bba.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-5_zps8c5ee2c5.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-8_zps6dcc7f94.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-9_zps58e4f2e4.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-10_zpsb3740147.jpg
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