Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Mess I've Let Happen

Today I've been seduced by my fears. Ever since getting the stomach flu we've had no choice, but to let Tin watch days of tv shows. He needed rest and it kept him and bed. We needed rest and it kept us testings. Now that we are all better all the tv watching has translated itself into feet stomping, not following the simplest of directions and a huge nightmare for me. 

I've decided that being a good mommy is a moment by moment choice. At any given moment I can choose to loose it or be patient and take things slowly. Honestly, it's so much easier to just loose it, to not fight for my child to let him run our lives. That's not gonna happen though, my strength is in Christ and He gives me wisdom in my battles with my son. Every moment today I've chosen to take it slowly and be a good mom, I have been. The fears still come though. I just ran to my husband half way in tears telling him its time to move to a farm house where he can run wild and free without all these games and tv shows effecting him.

I know it's my choice to sit him down in front of that tv screen. It's my easy way out, my babysitter when deadlines come. I've decided to turn it off. I can't lean on it anymore as it's been disconnected. Now I need to stretch myself and become a creative mom as God had created me to be. 

That's off my chest. That's what I've been dealing with and working through. That's my life at the moment, messy and oh so beautiful all at the same time. I've also been seeing how hard I am on myself, I need to be.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taking It Slow

Today I am feeling monstrous. Yesterday Tin was 'getting better' as he was in a pretty bad shape. In all of his 4yrs he has never thrown up due to being sick until yesterday that is. Today I have what he had. He's looks to be doing just fine, but me… I won't get into the details, I just pray that he decided to show me mercy by taking a long nap. 

Aside from that, over the weekend my husband and I took a trip to Whidbey Island to talk about our family values, goals & future. It was a good trip with good food, lots of talking and long drives in between. We've decided on a few things. I'll be slowing down with my 'career' & dreams to help him with his. We have another business that needs my attention. This cut back won't be easy and in the process it will grown and stretch me, but it will be worth seeing our family thrive and our marriage prosper. It's all so interesting to me because I'm actually being pruned by this. There are some things that will be cut back in my life in order for me to grow even more. A week or so ago God gave me an idea (I'll be sharing it on My Freshly Brewed Life) I originally thought it was for the blog post, but now I see it was for me. It's something for me to remind me what God has and what He is doing. Being pruned is a good thing! 

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