Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We Moved To Slovakia

Following God is always an adventure! The more we following Him the more we discover how fun and exciting life is when you are truly in a relationship with Him. When you are comfortable, He will take you out of your comfort zone. When you think you have it all figured out, He will show you how much you need Him. His reasons for this are good, His love for us is pure. He is a good I can trust, even when things don't go my way and this has been tried and true. So when He put it on our hearts (both my husbands and mine) to go to Slovakia this past spring, we didn't question it. We both new that our airstream trip was just for a year or so. We also didn't feel comfortable in looking at or setting our hearts on a new place in America while we traveled. It would have made moving to Slovakia that much harder as our own expectations wouldn't have been met (expectations and God is a whole series of blog posts in itself). 

So here we are with almost two weeks under our belts in a new country, its also very different from visiting the country for a few weeks too. This is also a start to more regular posts a I believe in documenting memories.

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