Friday, October 4, 2013

Jesus As A Human : 31 Days Of Caffeinated + Jesus

Today I woke up with a whisper into my heart that Jesus was a human being. If anyone understand about being human, He does. He came into the same flesh that we are living in, and into the same cursed and corrupted world we live in today. What better person to relate to us than Jesus? I think that thats the amazing part, He is relatable. He was human!

I needed to hear that today and know that for myself as I've been dealing with a family situation that sometimes leaves me in frustration, kinda like today. I have a brother that lives with me that went missing for 6 long and heartbreaking days. Now as I deal with the situation of him being missing and now being back I know that I can go to Jesus as He relates to me. I don't think He would have put that upon my heart today if He didn't. Knowing that Jesus was human, He gets it, makes me at piece.  

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On a personal note outside of the 31 Days, Tin got a haircut (finally). I really like it and think he looks great. I'm really big on getting that perfect haircut. I do the same with my hair and my hubby's. They did a great job and think it's a good balance between big boy and his cute little boy look. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who Do You Say I Am : 31 Days of Caffeinated + Jesus

Matthew 16:15
He said to them, "But who do you day that I am?"

Let's get right down to it, the honest truth that is. I've never been able to relate to Jesus or where He falls inline with my relationship with God. I know who He is and why He came, I've never really came to know Him as I know God my Father or the Holy Spirit my guide & comforter, on an intimate level.

I've always wanted a relationship with Jesus, but never knew where to begin, kinda like right now with this challenge. There are a few resources that I've come across to aid me in my discovery of who do I say Jesus is to me. 

They are:

- Beth Moore's Jesus The One and Only
- John Eldredge's Beautiful Outlaw
- Judah Smith's Jesus is ___.

Or I can just ask Jesus Himself to take me and show me who He is as I lay on my bed in the mornings with my warm cup of coffee. I'm sure it will be a good mix of both, but I do want to make sure I give Him the opportunity to show me who He is Himself as that's where we truly get to know Him. I mean wouldn't you rather meet someone in person and talk to them rather then just reading about them?

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Also, follow along with my dear friends who are also part of the challenge. These are the talented ladies I am blessed to know and spend time with.
Erica, whose doing 31 Days of Creating with Jesus
Stephanie, whose doing 31 Days of Arts and Crafts
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