Friday, October 4, 2013

Jesus As A Human : 31 Days Of Caffeinated + Jesus

Today I woke up with a whisper into my heart that Jesus was a human being. If anyone understand about being human, He does. He came into the same flesh that we are living in, and into the same cursed and corrupted world we live in today. What better person to relate to us than Jesus? I think that thats the amazing part, He is relatable. He was human!

I needed to hear that today and know that for myself as I've been dealing with a family situation that sometimes leaves me in frustration, kinda like today. I have a brother that lives with me that went missing for 6 long and heartbreaking days. Now as I deal with the situation of him being missing and now being back I know that I can go to Jesus as He relates to me. I don't think He would have put that upon my heart today if He didn't. Knowing that Jesus was human, He gets it, makes me at piece.  

 photo IMG_92751_zpse816c330.jpg
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On a personal note outside of the 31 Days, Tin got a haircut (finally). I really like it and think he looks great. I'm really big on getting that perfect haircut. I do the same with my hair and my hubby's. They did a great job and think it's a good balance between big boy and his cute little boy look. 

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  1. I'm so thankful that Jesus understands us in our weakness and humanity. Praying for Him to give you wisdom and strength for your situation with your brother. I also think you son is so handsome with his new haircut!

  2. I agree with Elizabeth!! And yes your boy is amazingly beautiful!!!

  3. Wow!!! So glad that your brother is back! I can only imagine how responsible you must have felt, even if he is an adult.

    Can I recommend a book to you that made some bigggg changes in the way I thought about Jesus? It's called "Seeing and Savoring Christ" by John Piper. If you go to desiringgod.org, you can even get a ereader or pdf FREE because Piper makes all of his work available at that site.

    1. Yes, very responsible despite him being an adult, plus he needs to prove to me he is an adult by not doing childish things. I feel blessed that I can just give him to God instead of working on him myself. People who don't know God do not have that option.

      Thank you for the book recommendation!! I'll check it out and I hear John Piper is amazing.

  4. Yes...I agree! Jesus was a human, a humanitarian and I am always so thankful I can reach out to him through my heart during the best and worst of times. So well said, Annetta! Tin looks fab! He is a love! xo Jen

  5. I love your blog, I follow you!


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