Monday, March 16, 2020

Staying At Home Activities

(Written some days ago. Since then I've come to find that I have less time for things like blogging, knitting, and crochet as I now spend more time cooking and being with my family while still working.)

You might be tired of hearing this, but right now the coronavirus is our reality and it is affecting millions of people worldwide. For us, it means staying home from school and keeping away from populated public places not out of fear, but out of wisdom. Today or tomorrow I plan on making our own face masks are the shortage of them is real. They are nowhere to be found in this country. Studies have shown that they do indeed help decrease the spread of the virus.

Right now our lives look good as the virus has spread far and wide in Slovakia. Tin still goes outside to play with his friends for 5 hours a day. My husband and I have jobs that let us work from home easily, which has been nice. We are staying home, but are busy and not at all bored, plus it is only day 3 of what can be a 3-week process. Lucky for me, I am a knitter and crocheter that means I do not have a shortage of projects to focus on. I am debating writing up my own crochet blanket pattern and plan on testing some of the yarn options I have on hand and color palettes for the design. 

At the moment I have opened up a window to let the spring air in and turned on bird songs to make it feel like we are in a forest with singing birds. That is something that I miss so so much, bird songs coming through my window, therefore, I created it. Right now Tin is in front of the iPad watching the birds in the video. I guess that's our sign that it's time to get outside and go for a walk. 

For lunch, I have made a turkey dumpling soup. I've never made it before and made up the recipe as I went so I hope my family enjoys it. Since it is a warm day out today we plan on going for a walk after lunch as fresh air is always beneficial for the immune system. When we get back I have an hour's worth of work. That's so soon from now. Where did the day go?! I haven't even had any knitting or crocheting time today. I have such grand plans, but the day is going way too fast!

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