Thursday, March 31, 2022

Rainy Day, But Make It Beautiful

It's been a month or so since I have blogged. I have totally forgot all about it with the war in Ukraine and refugees staying at our place for two weeks now. For some reason today was different though. I told myself that I will have a rest day. That means I wanted time for my bible, to photograph, to be inspired, to color, read or crochet and maybe some time on Youtube watching some of my favourite vlogs. I did some of those things and I was inspired today so it felt like the perfect day to document today's inspiration into a blog post. It is 9:45pm while I am writing this. Normally I write my posts in the morning when I have inspiration and words, but again, today is a bit different.

In the morning I enjoyed some coffee and conversation with Lubos. It feel like weeks since we sat down at the table in the morning with coffee in our hands. There were some things we needed to share and catch up on. Life has been a bit intense lately and finding time to sit down and talk has been limited. After that he went to work and I started photographing. I just love to photograph in the morning when my coffee is still hot. There seems to be an unlimited amount of inspiration. It's always been like that, but now that I go to work Monday-Wednesday I have very little days to enjoy my creative calling. I know there will be a season again when I will get it back so I am okay with the couple days I do get. 

While I was photographing I decided I need a colouring book. I've been enjoying colouring on my days off. It's been fun to play with colours, to do something quietly and something that won't give me a headache like knitting and crochet does lately. So off I went to find myself the perfect colouring book. Right when I left the house it started to rain which it hasn't in weeks, maybe even not at all in March. It was nice actually because it's been so long and it's been missed. Along with the rain also came the cold so it was time to bundle up again. While out I also stopped by two handmade stores and got myself new rag rugs. I love rag rugs because they are easy to through into the wash and with a dog about it just makes sense to me. Now we own two new rugs.

I had an evening planned with Petronela and spent my afternoon colouring an envelope to put her little gift in. She was wanting colourful spoons to use for tea and photography and I found some for her. We had a great time eating dinner and talking. I think I spent like 3 hours at her place. We had so much to catch up on and it's been too long since we last got to sit down and talk. 

Now I am home and ready for bed. It's 9:55pm and tomorrow wake up time is 7:15am. I hope I will be inspired to take pictures tomorrow as I was today.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

So This Means War

And just like that the world got a little harder to bear overnight. This morning we woke up to the news that Russia has started to bomb Ukraine. The two countries my families come from are at conflict with each other. I have so many thoughts and feelings on this, but before I get lost in them I need to go out on this sunny day with my camera and spend some much needed time with Jesus.

I went out and I've learned that going to the city when I have a full and heavy heart is not a good idea. While I was there I was praying the whole time, taking pictures, but my heart wasn't healing or surrendering. I felt like I was holding my breath and my worries were unchanged. Usually when I have a full or heavy heart my walks are life giving. The city felt like nothing mattered expect its own fortune. Not sure how to really describe how it all felt, but I think this is pretty close. I think that a walk through a quiet neighbourhood street without crowds is more of how my heart heals and surrenders. 

After walking the streets and taking pictures for an hour I got a call from Tín who needed to stay after school to practice with his Drama class that he's in. We planned that I would meet him at his school and together we would go to the cafe in his building. Turns out I arrived an hour early, but I am glad I did. While he was in class I bought a new plant and learned my new camera some more. It seems like I discover new things about my Fujifilm x100v every week. While I was waiting for him for that hour I felt like my heavy heart lifted and things were a bit lighter and in God's hands. In these moments I am thankful I can pray in tongues because my heart isn't ready to focus on words yet. It brings me out of the darkness when I can't.

So to breakdown this whole thing about Ukraine. First off... I have a grandmother, and two grandfather's who are from there. I still have a cousin there and 2 half uncles and a half aunt living in Dnipro, Ukraine. My dad visits them every year expect he had to stop due to Covid. These are my people and my origins. Ukraine is also a neighbour of Slovakia nd my brother is in National Guard whose been deployed since January to Europe. I mean this attack hits close to home in many ways, not just one. I don't know what the months will look like ahead, but I have Jesus. I am also thankful for everyone who is praying. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


I don't have time for blogging today, but since today is such an interesting date I want to document it. Its the day of the 2's!

Also, since I truly didn't have time today I will have to write the post tomorrow about today. So...

It is now the next day. I have about 15min before I need to be out of the house to catch my train for work. 

Let's talk about yesterday. Let's start with the weather. The first half of the day was sunny which really helped my mood. Spring is the toughest season for me emotionally. When the weather is so on and off and fluctuates it's hard on me mentally and physically. I enjoy the stable seasons of winter and summer without the weather mood swings. I wish I wasn't effected by the weather, but sometimes I am. Currently I am inviting Jesus into it and doing other things for my body so that it stays stable. It's also nice when it's sunny because then I don't freeze at work and can actually wear a cute outfit that's not the same sweater.

On Tuesday's I have a short day at work with only one class divided into two lessons. We worked in our workbooks, learned about Indian weddings and played Bingo. I love playing bingo with them. They hate doing the work, but once the work is done they don't want to stop playing. Of course I give out candy to the winner so it's extra fun for them. I remember when I was their age playing Bingo and I don't remember winning, but it was still fun to play.

We had a Bible Study scheduled for this evening, but then things got complicated like they always seem to do... We still went ahead and continued in the Bible Study so when I came home I started to clean the house and get ready. Then it was the normal feed Tin his lunch and get him ready for Floorball practice at 3:30pm which I took him too. On my way back from taking him to practice I grabbed some fresh flowers and they were perfect. After coming back I only had about enough time to make banana bread, cook some soup and finish cleaning up the house. 

Bible study was wonderful. I also realised some things during that time with Sasha. I need bible study time for myself. Lately it's been so complicated that it's taken the joy out of getting into my word and leaning more about God. I've come to some conclusions that I'll have to pray about, but I think things will be better for my heart from here on out. I love bible study, I love getting into my word and spending that time with Jesus. I realised and have known this for years that I am a bible study person. I need it in my life to grow and to learn. With this knowledge I am moving forward into good things and more bible study. There's a lot on my heart right now, but I'll share those things in my personal journal which I started to do since things got messy. Thank you Jesus for speaking, and guiding! 

Oh and be blessed, be a blessing and to invite Jesus into everything!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Banská Štiavnica After Two Years

It's currently 7:42pm as I am writing this. I've already washed my face, dressed in my pyjamas and am in bed just waiting for bedtime to roll around. I am sleepy and tired. It's been a really good and full day today, but now I am just ready for bed. Since it's way too early to actually go to sleep for the night I am going to try to post my images from today's trip to Banská Štiavnica. I also want to lesson plan for work tomorrow and work on my bible study.

One thing that I have learned today was how much covid has messed me up. Before covid and everything going to OP I lived a normal life like everyone else. Now going somewhere with my family feels foreign and I have to learn how to love it when before it came so naturally to me. It's been way to long since, we as a family, have consistently spent time together outside of the house. I am no longer used to it and I really really don't like that. I am sure that with time things will come back to it's rightful place in my heart, but right now there is a bit of a mess. It's something I will need to continue praying through and inviting Jesus into. 

Also, while Banská Štiavnica was beautiful today it was super cold. I expected the weather to be about 7 celsius, but it got up to 3 degrees as a high and went to 0 degrees very quickly after 2pm. Luckily I dressed warm, but it was still cold. Half of the town was covered in sunshine and the other in cold and snow. It made for some very interesting pictures that ranged from warm to very cold. 

I also noticed that when we go to Banská Štiavnica Tín always feels sick when we arrive after our drive through curvy roads which cannot be avoided. When we arrive he has go and eat before we can do anything. Once he's had food he usually starts to feel better and enjoy himself. It's very rough though while he's not feeling well and always regrets our coming. I don't blame the kids, it's always been hard on him. He's luckily we don't live there and make the drive more frequently. 

Lots of things learned today, lost of healing and praying today with some really good memories made too.

Ps. Some of the images are repetitive. I struggled a bit as a photographer.

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