Sunday, February 13, 2022

Banská Štiavnica After Two Years

It's currently 7:42pm as I am writing this. I've already washed my face, dressed in my pyjamas and am in bed just waiting for bedtime to roll around. I am sleepy and tired. It's been a really good and full day today, but now I am just ready for bed. Since it's way too early to actually go to sleep for the night I am going to try to post my images from today's trip to Banská Štiavnica. I also want to lesson plan for work tomorrow and work on my bible study.

One thing that I have learned today was how much covid has messed me up. Before covid and everything going to OP I lived a normal life like everyone else. Now going somewhere with my family feels foreign and I have to learn how to love it when before it came so naturally to me. It's been way to long since, we as a family, have consistently spent time together outside of the house. I am no longer used to it and I really really don't like that. I am sure that with time things will come back to it's rightful place in my heart, but right now there is a bit of a mess. It's something I will need to continue praying through and inviting Jesus into. 

Also, while Banská Štiavnica was beautiful today it was super cold. I expected the weather to be about 7 celsius, but it got up to 3 degrees as a high and went to 0 degrees very quickly after 2pm. Luckily I dressed warm, but it was still cold. Half of the town was covered in sunshine and the other in cold and snow. It made for some very interesting pictures that ranged from warm to very cold. 

I also noticed that when we go to Banská Štiavnica Tín always feels sick when we arrive after our drive through curvy roads which cannot be avoided. When we arrive he has go and eat before we can do anything. Once he's had food he usually starts to feel better and enjoy himself. It's very rough though while he's not feeling well and always regrets our coming. I don't blame the kids, it's always been hard on him. He's luckily we don't live there and make the drive more frequently. 

Lots of things learned today, lost of healing and praying today with some really good memories made too.

Ps. Some of the images are repetitive. I struggled a bit as a photographer.

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  1. WOW it looks so beautiful there!!! Funny and crazy at the same time that it was covered half in snow half in sun. I love it! All of your pictures, esp. the black and white ones! I love how you see the world through the black and white! I mean in colors too haha of course, but especially the black and whites! I really do hope we can go together someday♥ and I realised that too about covid how it changed things. It looks different for each one of us I would say, but indeed life is different and I think it messed up all of us unfortunately.. but Christ makes all things new!


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