Saturday, February 5, 2022

Saturday Plan's

It's 10:30 am and Tín is still sleeping. He's been a bit sleep deprived this week. We've all been home quarantined so we stay up really late playing video games and wake up early for work and school which cuts our sleeping really short. We did get our test results in the middle of the night and we are negative, but we all expected that. 

Since we've got our negative results and it's sunny outside, I have planned a family walk for today. I hope the wind isn't too bad. The plan is to start at SNP and walk along the Danube river for about 2 miles. That river walk is the prettiest in all of Bratislava. I've wanted to enjoy it with my family so for time now and today looks like a great day for it. When we are done I plan on making a yummy chicken lunch. Another goal of mine is to have meals together. As of late eating together hasn't worked out for various reasons so I want to make it a point to make that time for each other. After lunch we will have a free video game time on the couch. Tomorrow is Sunday which means so screen time and then we have grandpa's birthday to go to in Nitra. I want to take today as our Sabbath day, as our rest day. On Monday it's back to work for me, but the kiddo stays home. Let's see how well my plans turn out.

We managed to go on the walk. It was beautiful. It was also super cold and cloudy, but worth it to be together as a family and do something together that we haven't done in months. It's hard when you have an almost teenager whose comfort zone is the couch. Now we get to just be at home and on that beloved couch. I still need to make that yummy lunch. 

One thing that was interesting was the anxiety I felt before we left. I wasn't feeling that great this morning, but as we were getting ready to leave I had a lot of anxiety. I know that anxiety is a lie and it keeps me from so much good that God has for me. Instead of giving into it and staying home I had to pray through it and walk in faith knowing that God's got me. He's got my health and He is my healthier. With that on my mind and lips I left the home. Physically I didn't feel better. I did feel God's protection though over my mind, thoughts and even my tummy issues that I've been experiencing. Faith sometimes is walking out even on the little things like a family walk.

I am really looking forward to our evening! 

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  1. I am so proud of you for stepping out in faith despite of how you were feeling. I am sorry to hear that you were struggling with anxiety and tummy issues - which they always go together for you- but it is very encouraging to hear that you trusted God with it and went even though you could have stayed home. I believe it payed off, it looks like you guys had a really good time! Very nice pictures especially the one with Tin's reflection in the puddle (your thing, haha!) or the bird in the motion, the flowers or the seagull! Hope you got some rest ♥ and gave yourself some grace as the weather is cray cray which might be why you're struggling. Sending love


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