Thursday, February 3, 2022

Choosing Not to be Stuck

Last Saturday I had a wonderful photoshoot with a friend and her clients. She is a birth doula and needed some images for her Instagram feed. We spent a good 3 hours together, working, photographing and talking. At the time she had Covid, but she didn't know it yet. Omicron is very contagious and so when she found out that evening she let us know and we went into quarantine fully expecting to have this virus after avoiding it for some years.

Today is Thursday and it's been five says since I have met with Nicole. Her PCR test confirmed it was covid on Tuesday. Today we finally got ourselves a date to get tested for free through the government. It's scheduled for tomorrow, but we all feel just fine. I'd be shocked if the tests came out positive. How did we not get this highly contagious virus? Who knows?! This is our third close contact with it and nothing. I thank Jesus for His protection over us because how else can you explain this? I must say though that we are not a family that gets sick and if we do, it's really a rare thing. I've had ALL my friends get sick this year and some more then once, but we are still healthy here. 

Because we have been in contact with Nicole, all of us are in quarantine for at least five days. Today is our last day as long as any of us don't develop a fever, an intense headache or body aches. Anyway, staying indoors can be fun, but after a while it drains your energy, emotions and motivation. One thing that always, always improves things is a walk. As long as I don't have a fever or am seriously ill, going for a walk is a must when I am home. The fresh air clears ones head and heart. It's the time I connect with God, pray and give Him the things that are heavy upon my heart. I focus on the nature, my environment and the sense of peace when I am out on a walk. It gives my life meaning and a purpose as I reach out to God and He fills me up. I can't say enough good things about it.

It was one of those days today where I needed a walk. I knew that if I didn't go out then things would start to spiral as they usually do. (No, opening the window to your room isn't the same thing.) I've been back for a couple of hours and have made chocolate chip cookies when yesterday that felt like a mountain I needed to climb. After the walk everything feels very achievable. I'll be going on another one tomorrow and hopefully this time I'll be going with Petronela. If she doesn't want to go I'll carry her out kicking and screaming. It's been a while since we've walked with our camera's and I have missed it. It's also such a blessing to have a friend that can do that with me. Going with my husband isn't the same thing because I always feel guilty for taking so much time for pictures since he's not a photographer. He lets me and for that I am thankful, but I usually prefer to go with a friend or by myself. If I do with him I get very little pictures. 

So here are some images from my day which was better then yesterday. I'm also thankful I have a blog to keep all my images from the day and my thoughts because I take a lot of pictures and do nothing with them. This way I have a place to look back on my memories. 

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  1. Ah so pretty!! And beautifully writen! You are right, a walk esp. in nature changes your perspective and refreshes your soul. And it’s not as when you open a window (I have been doing that in order to substitute the fresh air from outside, lol) II also hope it won’t come to such drastic measures tomorrow that you have to carry me outside kicking and screaming haha!


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