Thursday, February 10, 2022

Black & White in Trnava

Petronela had an interview with the school that I work at, Narnia. When I decided to work there my husband was kind enough to take the train with me and show me how to get there. It took so much stress and pressure off of me from finding the place the first day I needed to be there. It blessed me so much that I know I needed to do the same for Petronela. So that's what we did today.

At 8am when we both left our houses the ground was still frosty, but the sun was shining. By 11am it had warmed up very nicely and we were able to enjoy our time in the city. After the interview we were both hungry as it was lunch time. Our plan was to go into the city for some food. Little did we know it would take another 2-3 hours just to find a restaurant that was either open or served non-OP people like the both of us. It may have also taken us so long because it was impossible not to stop and take pictures. I must also add that I didn't eat breakfast before I left the house. Thank you Jesus that Petronela packed a pb&j and so kindly shared that with me. She saved me!

So here is the black and white collection. 

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