Saturday, November 9, 2019

All the Fall Colors

We have plans today. Writing a blog post isn't one of them, but eh it's important. 

Our plans today is to clean the house for Sunday's Waffle and Games that will take place at our house. I also need to eat breakfast (that needs to be scheduled as it's 10:30am and I still haven't). Tin and I want would like to visit the Kid's Market (Detsky Blsi Tyh) in the old town and would like to go out for lunch since we'll be in town already. We will finish our day with more cleaning because at this point I've only managed to clean my creative work desk. Okay, I should stop scrolling through Facebook and actually do something like eating breakfast. 

It's 2:30pm and we ended up going nowhere. I talked on the phone with a friend and spent some time cleaning the house. Tin wanted to play computer games and read some books so that he can do that. Usually, I would have a problem with us staying home on a Saturday, but today I don't mind. Lubos is at a Kid's Ministry conference which means he isn't home most of today. It's just Tin and I enjoying a slow Saturday. 

I did plan on not cooking and going out for lunch, but that wasn't happening since I couldn't get the kid dressed to go. I did something I have never done before, I ordered takeout. Saying that out loud makes me feel a little guilty. I'm usually the one cooking in this house so getting food delivered is a foreign concept and something my husband doesn't do. There is a HotWok restaurant near us that delivers to our area. I've always wanted to try it. Since I don't speak the language so well I ordered it online. So yummy and convenient that I might be ordering more often. Since my child doesn't eat foreign cuisine I made him Russian pelmeni. 

It's 4pm now, that means the lights go on and the camera get's up away. I will end this blog with pictures from my glorious walk with the dog. It was just so perfect outside! Everything is perfectly yellow and orange out while the air is crisp. It makes my heart sing! Now it's back to more cleaning and grocery shopping before a shower. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and write to you next week. Next week will be an exciting one. 

Tin stayed in his pyjama's the whole day. When my husband got home he congratulated him for already being ready for bed at 5:30 pm. My son's replay was, "It's one of my talents." Of course, Lubos and I giggled. This is something I want to remember.

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