Thursday, November 7, 2019

Forecast is Cloudy Today

I decided that today was a good day to share. It's been months since I've posted last and I'm always wondering why. This is a great place for my memories, thoughts, and photography. I've had to take a month-long pause from knitting, which makes writing this post possible. 

I am taking a break from knitting because it causes me pain in my shoulder and neck which in turn gives me a headache. Since being sick, and having the stress of my mom's departure back to the States my shoulder hasn't been the same. I've also haven't even taken a break from a long project that I knit in one week. Now I am reaping the consequences of all that stress and knitting. This break has its advantages as I've been able to pick up my abandoned cross-stitching project that I started 3 years ago. I'm actually almost finished with it! Before I get to do all the things today I first have to put in my hours at work.

Since a year ago I've been working for a company where I am an English Tutor. I help my students practice their English speaking skills on a native speaker like myself. It's a job I thought I would never do, but here I am a year later and loving my work. Lately, I've been putting in 20 hours of teaching and the rest is spent on my photography work. My goal this week is to do 6-hour workdays, but I'm not so excited about all that talking. We have our 11 year anniversary coming up next week and I would like some spending money for the trip. 

Today I ended work to a beautiful sunset outside at 4:20pm. As I was talking to a student I had the urge to head out for a walk right after the lesson. I did go and I am glad I did. It gave me a chance to breathe some fresh air while giving the dog a walk also. The leaves on the ground were just so beautiful even after it had rained yesterday leaving them a bit wet. The air felt amazing after staying indoors the whole day. Upon coming home though my dog decided it was a good time to throw up all over the floors despite being outside moments ago. Oh, the joys of owning a dog. Lucky for him we love him. 

Thursday's are quiet days for me. My husband and son leave the house at 7:20 am and come back 12 hours later leaving the whole day to myself. Mondays and Thursdays are Parkour days for my son and on occasion my husband workout also. They come home pretty late leaving my son enough time to just eat and get ready for bed. It's a very long day for him, but we have noticed many good benefits to his afterschool activity. I also enjoy those long quiet days because after I sign off work it means I have a couple of hours to myself before I need to prepare dinner and clean up the house.

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of the week. I am looking forward to pizza with my son while my husband has a workshop for Kids Ministry to attend in town. It will be a very long workday for me tomorrow, but I am happy to meet some of my financial goals this week and maybe have enough to buy yarn? Nah, I really shouldn't until after my month-long knitting break is over and I am all healed up. 

One last thing, if you are looking for a part-time job you can do some home helping students around the world to practice their English speaking skills send me an email and we can catch. 


  1. I love learning about your day Annetta. Always love your pictures. It sounds like life has changed since your homeschooling days. I'd like to hear more about your work teaching English. I don't know any second languages. Would I still be able to do this kind of work?

    1. The great thing about tutoring in English is that you don't need to know another language. The company does require you to do an intro video (the interview part) where you'll need to talk for a few minutes. So to answer your questions, all you need to know is English and that is it!

  2. Hi Annetta,
    did you get my email asking more particulars about this? I'd love the information as I'm looking to work at home.


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