Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good Day for IKEA

It wasn't a typical day for us. It was a refreshing break from the routine. 

Augustin was inspired to finish school as soon as he could. On Monday he finished school before noon so that he could attend a harvest party. After finishing school so quickly on Monday he realized that he had all the rest of the day to himself. He was pretty excited about the possibilities and the freedom that opened up to him when he did his school early and stayed focused. Well, today he too finished school by noon. 

After Augustin finished school staying at home felt off. Hubby and I spent our morning figuring out the new ribber to my knitting machine. The ribber wasn't working and the day felt like it was going all wrong because we spent most of it dealing with the seller. So I suggested a trip to IKEA. It was 1pm and that left us with a good chunk of day to tackle a job we planned to do on Saturday. To my joy hubby agreed and off we went.

In the end, we were so glad that Augustin gave us the opportunity to go to IKEA because we would have been stressed out the next few days trying to put together my mom's room for when she comes on the 12th. I have to give God credit because I do believe He worked out the little details and knew just what we needed. Now we can prep for my mom's coming in peace. I truly love how my heavenly Father is in the details. As I am typing this I can see His great love and am reminded that if He cares for the little, He has me in the big.

That was our day today. We spent about 4 hours at IKEA and more money than I ever imagined I wanted to spend, but the shopping in done. That leaves us with a Saturday to put together her room. I'm sure images will follow.

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