Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Own Agenda's

We all need to pretend it's a weekend and stay in our pajama's all day right?!

As I type this it's 11:04pm and I am half way ready for bed because I never took off them pj's! Night made easier right there. 

We all woke up with gusto and our own agenda's. Mine was to cook, clean and conquer my creativity, Augustin's was to play and play some more then Hubby's was work and putting together our wardrobes. We all did our thing, but the boys went above and beyond. Hubby did all he set out to do today plus some and Augustin played, but managed to finish school. I... faded with the warmth of the sun as it set.

It was a nice day spend in quiet, play and work. 

For the record I did knit a mitt, make lunch and dinner and clean the kitchen once. This is for personal record...

Starting tomorrow we count down to our trip to London and my mom's stay with us for the holiday's. That's when crazy starts and I'm ready for the crazy. 

The end. See you tomorrow.

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