Monday, November 7, 2016

Week Two: Day One | November Challenge

Just like that I am cranking out week two of my personal blog!

"Oh the memories we have made and shared." Make sure you read that in a dreamy voice.

Anyway, today we have dealt with big attitudes bother from Augustin and Tucker. It's amazing how alike these two are even though one is a boy and one is a dog. Next time I WON'T pray for a dog to be just like my son because God hears and then there are times where He actually gives us what we asked for. Now they are too alike to be friends or even like each other.

One of the issues for the boy today was that I didn't make his cappuccino correctly. He told me it tasted like corn. This kid gets a cappuccino from me and then proceeds to tell me I make it wrong. That lasted for about an hour.

We went on our walk after lunch. We decided to go early because the days are getting pretty cold therefore evening walks would be freezing.  I spent the walk photographing everything as I have been inspired by our daily walks. Augustin spent it running from one puddle to the next. Tucker searched and devoured dead fish, 4 this time. Hubby was just patient with all of us like usual. It was truly a wonderful walk.

The real awesomeness to my day was having the strength to cook two amazing meals and keep the kitchen clean the whole day. That hasn't happened for over 2 weeks! Figuring out my milk and egg + yeast allergies have really changed things and I can't wait to see more healing.

We also finished my mom's guest room where she will stay while here for the next two months. I am liking how the closet turned out because it really feels like a cozy and perfect guest bedroom. We like it as a guest bedroom better than a closet.

Tomorrow we go in for a check up for Augustin's broken arm and a bible study in the evening.

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