Saturday, December 2, 2017

Daily Life Blogging Challenge | Week One, Day One

Last year in November I did a blogging challenge where I blogged about our every day life and posted daily for the month. I didn't finish the challenge because half way through I got bit by a dog and couldn't use my right hand for some time. This, of course, threw my blogging challenge out the window. What I did blog, I love looking back on. It reminds me that even though that winter was the hardest ever, it was so beautiful in so many ways!

So, I'm back for the challenge, but this time for December. Today is day one!


I started this blog yesterday and forgot to finish it. I did remember, but it was 11pm and I was so ready for bed. Right now, it's 6:55pm the next day which means I'll finish this one and add another one for today.


My husband has been out of town since Thursday on a trip with his buddies to Israel. I am super happy that he got to go on this trip, but all the same time had a very hard time with it Thursday and Friday. You see, my husband has been on trips away from me, but I've always had my mother living with us and one of my brothers. This time around it was just Augustin and I. That makes a day very long and lonely. He did school and I did work, but after it gets dark he no longer wants to do school and I no longer want to work. All evening we spend doing pretty much nothing. I'm a social butterfly and being with just my son is pretty hard for me.

The thing that helped was having the ability to get out of the house and take Augustin to Boy Scouts. While he is in Scouts I do some window shopping, go to a cafe or walk around our cute little town Piestany. This time I went to a thrift store and bought myself a cute knit dress for €2.50, good deal. I enjoyed being outdoors even though I was all by my lonesome self.

When we got home I did manage to get Augustin to finish his school work while I knit a little. Yeah... the day was very uneventful and I should had did this last night when I had all the feelings I had.

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