Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Birthday Party | Week One, Day Two

We started our day early and one thing I can say about that is how tired I felt. It took me a good half hour to get out of that comfy bed of mine. You see, when my husband is out of town I do not sleep until I literally cannot keep my eyes open anymore. Sometimes that can be at midnight and some nights it doesn't happen until 3am. This is healthy, but at least I fall asleep quickly instead of creep myself out from scary thoughts. I've had to do this every time he has had to go somewhere without me. It's how I manage to sleep at night at all. Anyway, after some days the lack of sleep really starts to show up, like today. It's 7pm and I was ready for a good nights sleep about 2 hours ago.

One we got ourselves all put together this morning I got to drive out to Bratislava, all by myself, to take my son to a birthday party. Honestly, this birthday party has been my saving grace while my husband is away. It gave me something to do aside from sitting at home all day long, which is what we would have done. I borrowed the in-laws automatic car because ours is manual and have driven around for the first time in like two years. 

The party itself was great and Augustin was over the moon that he was invited. Afterwards we picked up my mother-in-love and she'll be staying the night. This means she gets to go to church with us! All of us will be picking up the very missed husband from the airport. 

The sad part to picking him up is that he goes right back to work on Monday and we never got a weekend as a family. This all just means that I really really love our awesome weekends.

One things that was so so beautiful about today was the weather. It was perfectly sunny, but the trees were covered in a deep frost. When the sun hit, the beautiful was worth a sequel of joy. I think I exclaimed how beautiful it was over and over again. This is my favorite kind of winter weather and what makes winter worth the hardship.


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