Saturday, December 9, 2017

All To Myself | Week Two, Day Eight

It's the next day and boy and I thankful for that!

Some weeks back we decided that the weekend of my husbands company party Augustin would spend the night at his grandparents. It also worked out because he had Svaty Mikuláš on Saturday and they usually take him. This all meant that after my rough past couple of days I got a whole Friday all to myself before the company party. It was much needed time where I didn't have to be in teacher mode.

I had wanted to do so much with that time, but ended up in bed till 11:30am with a headache. At that point I was really thankful that I had the time to recover. The day went quickly after that. The rest of the afternoon consisted of me getting ready for the company party. It was really the perfect uneventful day. 

When it was time to leave at 4pm, it started to really rain outside. I had to walk through our village all dolled up in heels with my big yellow raincoat. I looked like a bit out of place. I did get many stares from strangers, but luckily my husband put me on first class in the train so I wasn't too out of place there.

The company party itself was so much fun. I enjoy the people mu husband works with, they are all very kind people.

There is one story. A couple came up to me and started talking. I've never met anyone from my husbands work so I had NO CLUE who they were. We started to talk and I told them I did not miss America much. I love Slovakia and it's really a great place to call home. There was ONE thing though that I did not enjoy about Slovakia and love about America, the paycheck are much better and bigger in America. I missed those, I told them. They laughed, we laughed, it was great fun. As we started to walk away from the conversation my husband asked if I knew who that was. No, no clue who it was. Turns out, it was the CEO of the company my husband worked for. I died! Okay I didn't, but wow! Luckily he is the kindest of CEO's and my husband said it wasn't that bad, but hopefully will work in our favor.

And that's my story of the day. 

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