Sunday, December 3, 2017

Winter Scenes and Reunions | Week One, Day Three

Every Sunday we go to church. Okay, maybe not EVERY Sunday because sometimes we are out of town or someone gets sick and what not. This Sunday we got to take my mother-in-law to church with us and I loved every minute of it. It was so nice to have her with me over night. Having that extra person in the house and a person I really love means so much to the loneliness that I sometimes get. 

After church a few of us went out to eat lunch at one of our favorites, Street Burger. Augustin was so excited when we heard we were going. He thinks they make the best burgers ever. Honestly, their burgers are okay and it's a good place to go as a group. I love it when we, as a church, go out to eat and have time for fellowship. 

After lunch we went to our pastors house (they don't really like to be titled that, but that's who they are). I love love their cozy cabin vibe house. Its towards the woods in the city and it really feels like you are in the cutest cabin. We enjoyed some conversation and coffee while we waited for our husbands to land from their trip to Israel.

Today was the day Lubos came home and it feels so good to have him home! Its like having my best friend, my partner and my support back. He really is missed when he's out of town and I am so happy that he doesn't go much. Our reunion was sweet and stories even sweeter. I am so thankful for a husband who listens to me and he is someone who I can really share my life with.

Tomorrow is Monday and back to routine, but I am happy to be back to it because in the evening, Lubos comes home after work.

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