Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Monday, why?! | Day 5

I usually do not mind Mondays, wait, that was before the lockdown and the virus. Monday's used to be a good thing for me, but nowadays Mondays are different. They are like everyone else's Monday's now. 

I worked on catching up on my blog posts instead of a much-needed nap. Then I got distracted by filming a reel. Luckily those are quick to do. My day wasn't focused even though I tried to be! At this point, I think it is the trying that counts. At least I do a little verse not doing anything at all.

I think that having two jobs (teaching kids & photography) is starting to take its toll. There is no time for my creativity or my hobbies like knitting. I do two completely different jobs and both require so much of me and my time. I am thankful for both, but one day I hope to just focus on one of these. Also working from home all day and every day gets old too. 

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