Thursday, October 8, 2020

Bible Study | Day 7

At the beginning of Septemeber, I started a bible study with some amazing young women in my church. We are not a big group, but the four of us for now. It's been such a blessing as we study the word of God together and share in our revelations or what God has been doing in our lives. 

The guided study we have been going through is Loved : Learning to Rest by Clara Jones. I met the author this summer at a pastors retreat in the Tatras. She brought a copy of her book and I felt a nudge that I needed to get this book because God has a group of girls He wanted me to do the study with. At that point, I had no 'group of girls' God has mentioning. During summer I did get more acquainted with some of the new ladies in our church and God then showed me who He meant when he said 'group of girls'. I just love how the Holy Spirit works if you just listen and let Him move.

This week we are on Week 6 with 3 more weeks to go. To say it's been intense is an understatement. The study has taken up all of our extra time, but it has been worth it! We have a retreat planned for the end of October where we will go over our last week. The retreat is also the beginning of a new study we will be starting. In the new study, we will be going over Captivating. It will be less intense and a nice break until we get into another deep study. 

Today I was a week behind my days so it was a catch-up day for me. 

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