Friday, October 2, 2020

Where Did the Time Go?!

Written March 28-20:

Today I find myself working through some negative emotions. I guess those emotions have been coming and then going just to come back again later. I'm sure we are all processing many emotions that are both positive and negative in nature.

One of the things I've been processing is how fast the time is going by. A week feels like a few days and not the whole 7 days. One day it is Monday and the next it's Friday already. When I have pregnant a month ago the weeks dragged on by at a snail pace, but now they are flying by like a Ferrari. I guess the fact that we have been stuck at home for the past 18 days makes the days melt into one. Weekends are the same as the weekdays and there is nothing to distinguish the days or weeks apart.

I've been sewing face masks the last couple weeks and now that the orders have stopped coming in I am able to focus on my house projects like making pillow cushions, crocheting blankets and making buntings to cheer up the house. I'm slowly adjusting and finding time for personal projects that's I've had on my list for a while. That part feels nice, to be able to get to ideas I've had for a while now. I've also spent lots of time cooking and baking. I've learned to make some yummy sticky bums from my sourdough starter, but making bread is beyond me for some reason. I've vowed to stop out of frustration but might try a couple more times, maybe.

Today is Saturday and we have plans to venture out into the woods. That's the nice part, we can still go outside and into nature as long as we have our face masks on. We can't leave our flat without one on. It's also a very warm day for spring and a hike in the woods sounds wonderful. I plan on picking some wild garlic which will make a perfect pizza topping. We are also lucky that it has been a very dry winter and spring this year as a rainy day and a few weeks stuck at home isn't a very good combination. It makes me wonder how dry and hot our summer will be this year. I wonder if we will still be wearing facemasks.

I am still working my part-time job, but because so many tutors are at home there is a flood of tutors and little students. That has cut back my working hours to bearly being able to pay for Tin's school. I am thankful for even those little hours right now. I also couldn't imagine this all happening in January when winter days are so long. The sun helps in so many ways.

(October 2, 2020 - I never finished this blog so I am adding pictures to it today and posting it now.)

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