Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Knitted Things | Day 6

I'm in love with knitting and how it offers me an alternative to getting cheap clothes. This year I've spent very little time knitting, but for good reasons. I miss it and wish I could go back to hours and hours of knitting, but that life is behind me know and I move forward to new seasons.

Today's goal was to catch up on all my blog posts including A Year To Inspire, which I did. I also need to finish 2 days of my bible study and go for a run plus make dinner. But the real goal today was to finish a pair of socks I am knitting for my friend who happens to be living with us at the moment. 

The socks will be perfect for her for this winter because she said it will be a cold one and she's the kind of person who is always cold like me. Her birthday is in 15 days, but the gift had to be done now if it was ever going to be done on time. Now I can focus on all the other tasks that pull on me including my photography work. 

Because I never leave the house nowadays here are images from my home. 

And my evening ended up very differently then I planned! As my husband and I were getting ready to go on a run I got a bit of a tummy ache. Lubos went to walk the dog to let my tummy settle before we went on the jog. By the time he came back home, I had thrown up and was in the bathroom almost in tears. For some reason, the dinner gave me food poisoning and I was the only one. Everyone else was just fine, but it hit me so hard and bad. Needless to say, there was no run that evening. Things got better after the episode, but I might not eat chives or leek soup for a while. 

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