Monday, October 5, 2020

Friends | Day 3

Today was 'bible study' day for me. 

I have a wonderful group of young women from our church that I do bible study with. We've only been doing it for 5 weeks, but this group of ladies has filled a hole I've had since I've moved to Slovakia. During our study, we've had an opportunity to really dig into our Word and let the Holy Spirit speak to us through this Word and the study itself. It's really filling in a hole I've had for some time. 

The bonus part that comes with the study is friends. These ladies have become my first set of friends here in Slovakia. I've been praying and waiting for friends for the last four years. It's been so tough not to friends, women I can share my heart with, and then go shopping with. When my mom came to visit me she was that friend to me, but then she would have to fly right back to America after 3 months. I am thankful that Jesus gave me friends when I hadn't had any for so many years.

Anyway, after the bible study we went to get our nails done as I've been wanting to get mine done for years now, but going by myself isn't the same. Now I finally now some nice nails I am not ashamed of. These little things are important to me actually. After our nails, we went out to eat and it was so good! We ended our outing with a little bit of shopping. It was such a good way to spend my Saturday when my men just wanted to stay home, but I didn't. 

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