Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer Storms

We had one yesterday and we are having one now. They make the puddle in front of our rental a forever puddle that hasn't dried for 10 months plus some. It may ruins the days outing plans, but it makes the air fresh and clean.

We also been having a continuation of summer storms with our move. Every day it's something new. Yesterday something came up and today has been the same story. Turns out the workers installing our floors didn't show up and haven't for the past four days after a two week vacations. Our kitchen needs to be put in on Saturday and Sunday, but can't go in without that floor first.

So yeah, them storms are an interesting thing.

The important part is that storms pass no matter how intense they get. The weather changes, with it the seasons. I have to remember this because there are so many moments where we feel like nothing is ever going to change. God made the earth go through a continuation of seasons and changes and that's how he designed our lives.

We had a great weekend packing up our rental. Despite the unknown we are still getting ready for what's to come, a move. After a days work we went out for ice cream as a family. It was a quick one hour trip to town, but it was a perfect time together. On Sunday we got to take some boxes and items to our garage that we finally got access to. We did get to go out with friends before stopping by the place. It was a good step in the right direction.

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