Sunday, March 25, 2012

Centennial Trail

Yesterday we spent a beautiful Saturday out with our bikes as a whole family. It was our first real bike ride anywhere and a great beginning to an adventurous spring and summer. Our bike ride lasted 3 hours. I'm thinking that's not bad for our first time. Instead of my regular blog post about the trip I'm just going to put up the video from our tip.


It's been forecasted 10 days of nothing, but rain which means our park discoveries have to be put on hold until better weather. I'll be spending some of that raining time doing research and planning for our many trips to come.


  1. 1. I love that you are riding in boots! You always look so cute!
    2. You guys eating from Toddler's bowls was a bit funny! I've never thought of using them for myself! Go figure!
    3. How does he do in the trailer? I've thought about getting one for the boys but just a bit afraid they won't like it and it'll be a waste!

    1. 1. lol, thanks! I wanted to go in a dress, but so glad I decided against it!
      2. They are bpa free while our other bowls aren't and therefore we use his for everything, plus gotta love the color!
      3. He does okay... He had a frown on his face for about 2 hours, but still stayed in it and didn't complain. My thought was he just needed to get used to it. I would actually buy a used one just in case they don't like it. I'm sure they will though!


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