Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Traditional Image

Before I continue with my short post I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be unplugging for the next two weeks.

I've noticed myself getting edgy, feeling uninspired and not too sure what my next step is. So I'll be taking this time to get my priorities straight, clean my house, love on my family, but most importantly spend much needed time with God where nothing gets in the way. I've been such in a go go go season that I feel like I don't have a half hour to just sit still and listen. To me, it's a scary place to be as it's easy to get caught up and go the wrong direction.

Now on the to short post.

Every year my husband, son and I have a tradition we like to do. It's mostly a father-son things, but I'm the photographer in this tradition.

We go to a certain spot on Lake Washington during the summer and take a picture as close to the last one. We plan on doing this every year and then add my son's kids into the image in many years to come. Its fun to look back and see how he's grown, what has changed.

So here they are...




This yea I didn't bring my sample image so the angles are all off, but next year I'll align it all back in.

See you in two weeks!!

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