Thursday, May 9, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect

As always, we started our morning slow. Whenever there is nothing planned for the day Tin and I really enjoy taking the day slow by staying in bed as long as possible, today was one of those days.
We've been having the most gorgeous weather, in Seattle, I've ever seen for April and May. It's gotten up to 85 degrees, which is unheard of. Our days aren't spent in parks as I have a few big projects to wrap up, but they are spent in the backyard with picnics, playdates and sprinklers. I'm hoping that I will have a month or two off without any major projects so that everyday we can have an adventure in God's beautiful nature.
Lately God's been working on my heart and my relationship with Him, showing me so many interesting things about myself. Again, I am reminded how our life is all about balance and adjusting. I'm in the process of adjusting, sometimes a hard place to be in, but and oh so good place all at once. I've come to the point where I've looked around at my life and finding I've left God behind in the daily things of my life and have been doing oh so much on my own. When doing things on my own I find that I'm not inspired, I'm always tired and life is just irritating. The second I adjust and put God first it's amazing the difference there is even in just one day. Why do I end up taking things on my own? I don't know, it kinda just happens. That's where the adjusting comes in and needs to be a daily part of my life.
Despite it all, I've been living just a blessed life. I have so so much to be thankful for and I am! I live one of the prettiest lives there is, its real, but I am human and oh so imperfect. I am thankful to be imperfect because I really enjoy growing and learning as a person, mom, wife and friend. 
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