Sunday, August 3, 2014

While In Slovakia

I feel as if we have moved to Slovakia.
We are here for 3 weeks and are half way through our trip, but it feels as if we aren't going back, as if we have moved here. It's also easy to say that because it is summer and summer's here are beautiful! Everyone is out walking to the park, the grocery store, to church, visiting friends or just enjoying a leisurely evening walk. 
The summer storms are quite intense here. Being from Seattle, we don't get very many summer storms. I also don't remember being caught in any when we were here for the summer four years ago. Maybe it's because we spent some time up in the hills and villages that were 400 years old. 
While we were in the beautiful hills of Slovakia our favorite evening activity was going to the pizzeria by a river and drinking Vinea and Kofola while munching on a garden salad. The pace of life in the village is wonderful! I honestly had a really hard time going back into the city as the hills of Slovakia are just so dreamy. 
Tomorrow we are planning on going to Prague for just a few days so when I come back I'll post pictures of that trip. 

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  1. I cannot believe that you were in Košice! Love this city and Vysoké Tatry! This summer we spent there two months. You can find photos on my blog :D Hugs, Monika


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