Saturday, February 28, 2015

Working As A Family

March 8th is daylight savings and we all loose an hour of sleep. Normally I would lament that lost hour, but not this year. This year it means that when we go work on Grace we get an hours worth of more light. At the farm/junkyard she is currently parked the shade covers that area quickly and it's the first place the light tends fade. It will be good to finally have some natural light and be able to photograph the project correctly.

In the end, I guess it doesn't matter that daylight savings is next week as she is going to a shop to get all the things fixed that we would take forever to do. She will get wired, sealed from leaks, windows replaced, polished, plumbing installed and many more things that keep getting added to the list of 'things'. I'm excited to send her in because that means I get to work on the fun stuff like the flooring, wallpaper, decorating and you know the things that only a woman can bring into a space that makes it a home.

Today we got to spend a few hours working on Grace after a family day in the city. We didn't make any major progress, but we did start taking out the rivets to remove the inner walls. All of the furnishing structures are removed so now we have the inner walls to remove and the insolation before she goes into the shop. Tin did help me pop some rivets, but he got bored with it quickly and stuck to playing on my cell phone. There's only so much a 5 year old can do to help. 

Hubby and I will be back tomorrow to continue work. I personally wish that things would go faster then they are, but then again we are working on giving this project to God and not just run away with it on our own. 

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